Saturday, April 25, 2009

It is ON!!!

I stopped my hormone pills last month coz I think I’ve been on it too long,. Been on it for six years,. I stopped popping pills on my third year before but I was plagued with acne like I never had before, as in it grew on my back, chest and scalp.

Sure thing I suffered from acne when I was younger, but it was contained on my face area only.
So I went back on pills since I still have PCOS, and in 3-months time my skin got cleared!. Three years now, I want to stop again,. I don’t wanna be sterile, so I think its about time to stop it.

So to arm me from the battle, I’m sticking (hopefully) to my tried and tested anti-acne and acne-healing regimen (OMG, it scares the hell out of me to see myself battling on acnes again..). It’s been a month now and I have a pimple on my right cheek, left upper lip and right eyebrow (they came out fast, huh)

1. Remove make-up either with Nivea sensitive balance, VCO or DHC cleansing oil,. These all works well for me

2. Cleanse with Cyleina products
I intend to use black pearl soap on my face for AM use, while the tomato for PM use
On body to prevent backne I will use rice-bran and glutamax to counter act dryness.

3. Tone with Nuetrogena Alcohol-free toner (wil review soon too)

4. Moisturize with Cyleina organic oils.
I read carefully the ingredients and functions of each of this and I decided to use Emu oil and rosehip oil or grapeseed oil for face at night (I will TRY to stop La mer for the meantime), anti-aging oil and cleopatra oil alternately on body (I will give detailed product info on each of them soon).

5. Stick with my tried and tested Mineral Make-up.. No testing testing for now, whether tranditional make-up or other new MMU (coz I got bumps with Earthen glow … )

6. Stick with VMV ARMADA for sun protection,.. I cannot afford to venture on BB creams and other SPFs now,..

7. Pop on Alpha-lipoic acid (ALA)

I was advised to take metformin 2x a day for one month, but when I took this before it triggers my ulcer, my skin and hair got terribly dry and it augmented my hair fall. I’ve read that one supplement that can be taken for PCOS is ALA coz it act like metformin by reducing oxidative stress (an excess of free radicals and lack of antioxidants) and improve insulin sensitivity in PCOS (which made ALA a good alternative too for metformin users to address diabetes)


Soapaholic said...

You're armed pretty well.:) I hope you don't break out! Hay I'm still fighting that battle.:(

shatzlaine said...

hopefully, my worry is that they grow really big and red,. hope i'd be able to control them really well,. am actually thiniking of mario badescu (spelling?) drying lotion if it turns really bad..