Wednesday, March 30, 2011

LC Pre-order

After putting up my For Sale pre-owned bags, opportunity came at once to finally start my heart's long desire. To finally open my own bag selling site. With the help of my partner Jo Ann, we are on our very first Longchamp Pre-order.

We feature many styles especially those 'Hot items of the moment' such as:

Tree of Life

So that's what's keeping me busy these days aside from work, and... =)

Wish us well ladies,. Do visit our Fb account:!/album.php?id=100002140677473&aid=17231

Thursday, March 17, 2011

I've been a bag addict since I was in Highschool. I remember back then, that the last day of our classes turns to an "Arbor Day." It's when everyone gets to barter their stuff for other's. I usually "Arbor" (ask for) BAGS!.. And in return I give away BAGS too that, i dont wanna use anymore.

When I started working and my lemmings turned expensive to just give them away, I started to re-sell my pre-loved bags to friends and network.

So with that i finally decided to open a multiply account beforehand, then lately a facebook account.

Please check my site for some good finds.

I've added the badge on the right side of my blogg, just click it otherwise its:

Here are just samples of eye candies you'll find on my site...