Saturday, June 19, 2010

Shopaholic strikes back!

The second quarter of the year is about to end. I will end it again with big smile on my face after all my birthday month is in this quarter. Here's my major haul, that I will claim my gifts for my birthday...

Im not a shoe person, whether their cheap or ubber expensive, I buy them so long as I like them. That's one reason too why I dont post shoe hauls (as well as dresses). This one caught my attention. I find them really nice, that is worth sharing. From the Trunk show..

Love the red lining, very Louboutin like,..

Louis Vuitton Neverfull Azur.. I've sleepless nights coz of this (I've nice problems huh!). My mind was in chaos thinking which one to get, the ebene or the azur. Azur won coz I have speedy in ebene already, but i still swear to get the ebene, next year perhaps!

Coach suddenly struck me, same as with Juicy Couture. But I decided to get coach first. This is a nice top handle bag that can be converted to hobo...

that is when you detach the ring on the side..

when the strap is attached

I know I gave up my lemmings for Liz claiborne and nine west bags, but this one sure did caught yet again my attention.. a hand held bag that can be carried as shoulder bag too

Amazingly Liz Claiborne's style has evolved from black basic/classic office essential bags, which shouts boring to some, to a colorful more stylish designs that can now cater the young hippie genre.

Another bag that gave me headache... a Longchamp, I dont like the basic solid colors, I went for this design.. A little expensive than the plain ones but is totally worth it. I find it stunning in person,..

The skinfood... got two make-up remover, one toner and one face serum,, review to follow..

Hopefully this closes my 2nd quarter haul,. Though Im eyeing one in Fino,.. sobb...

We all have trying times, but looking at all these blessings, that I can afford a little luxury make my life better.. Look at the brighter side after all!..

Till here, tata for now!..

Monday, June 14, 2010

happy bday to me!


Thanks again guys,...