Sunday, June 28, 2009

My birthday gifts…

It wasn’t a good month for me, how ironic, it’s supposed to be special coz it’s my birthday month, but some asshole people just succeeded in making my days bad... so what’s a poor me to do? Pamper myself with my favorite vice… SHOPPING!!!. I deserve these I know…

My gifts to myself..

Clinique toner, Super City Block SPF40, Take the day off Cleansing Oil..
The freebies..
A roomy bag… really big you can stuff this with folders,.
Samples: powder foundation, turnaround concentrate, 7-day scrub cream
4U2 Gemtone palette in Onyx and Glitz liquid eye-liner for smoky eye-do
Beauty Credit slanted liner and detail shadow brush
Ellana concelear brush, slanted liner, crease brush and Beloved ES (matte warm brown)
Reviews and swatches again to follow,.

Now the bags..

A Calvin Klien bag – I love that this have an adjustable strap so I can use this as shoulder bag or as a messenger/sling bag
A Ralph Lauren Sling Bag which can be used as handbag too when strap is removed..
A trendy Fendi Bag.. this is roomy as well..
A Lacoste Bag And the gift of my very loving and understanding BF.. A Guess Bag,. (forgot to remove the plastic on metal sign..)
He spoils me, but this comes with a condition, that I will fix my transfer paper,. Obviously I’m not enjoying my work anymore,. But hey, I’ve got a lot of reason to be happy,. Just look at those goodies… Im such a baggaholic,..

Friday, June 26, 2009

Passion Berries Pure Oils

Looks interesting and promising and so I bought samples of these from sis Hannah..


AGE DEFYING BEAUTY OIL (Source company is ISO Cerified-9001:2000)
Blended oils with sandalwood scent .
Can be used in anti stretch treatment for combination and normal skin types. Apply directly on the skin with light massage in circular motion until totally absorbed. Can be applied morning and night.
May also be formulated/added into body and skin care products, such as creams and lotions. Adding it to your fav skin care product 3-10percent is enough.

This is a refined vegetable oil composition enriched with other ingredients to enhance anti stretch activity of the skin. The composition helps to prevent and eliminate stretch marks and wrinkles.

Enriched with vitamin A and E ( natural tocopherols ) which have the effect of increasing the collagen formation in the dermis.

Contains Jojoba Oil, Soybean Oil and Sunflower Oil. Rich in omega 3 (linolenic acid) and omega 6 (Linoleic acid), essential fatty acids which every living cell in the body needs.

These components are essential for rebuilding and producing cells, cellular and membrane lipids. Products containing omega 3 and 6 are the appropriate skin care for individuals suffering from neurodermatitis as their skin generally shows a ceramide I deficiency.


Blended natural oils with flowery scent
Designed for use in body care products
May be applied directly to skin and to hair or mix it with your fav cream/oil or other skin care product. Its cost saving because 3 to 10 percent solution is sufficient when you mix it with other products.


Contains Pomace Olive Oil, Soybean Oil, Sunflower Oil and Sweet Almond Oil; all of them are known for their excellent nourishing and hydrating properties in skin-care.

This formulation is enriched with the addition of Polysorbate 20 an emulsifier that would help to obtain the maximum homogenity in a creamy formulation. Also contains TBHQ which is a natural antioxidant.

The presence of vitamin F helps to protect against the formation of dry skin and helps to restructure keratin break, promotes revitalizing and conditioning effects in the hair.

Sunflower oil has moisturizing properties and is easily absorbed.
Sweet almond oil offers deep penetration and moisture retention.
Soybean oil has great penetration and skin hydrating effect.
Pomace olive oil possesses excellent emollient properties, has superior moisturizing effect on the upper layer of the skin and helps in reducing scar appearance.


Refined. Pure. cold pressed, refined vegetable oil. No additives.Unscented. NON GREASY.

This is extracted from Rosa Aff. Rubiginosa, a delicate rose which grows wild on the high mountains in Chile and which is locally known as Rosa Mosqueta.

The unique properties of ROSEHIP OIL were discovered through scientific studies conducted at the Universities of Concepcion (Chile) and Missouri (USA). These studies showed that application of this oil effectively helped in attenuating scars, wrinkles and stretch marks; in preventing premature aging and in regaining skin’s natural color and tone. This offers great penetration and significant moisture retention. It is very effective in halting and even reversing the effects of sun radiation on the skin. In general it is useful in all kinds of cell regeneration face treatments, pore reduction and acne treatment.


May be applied directly to the skin and hair. It may also be incorporated as an active ingredient or an ideal carrier in skin and hair care products. It is ideally suited for anti wrinkle and sun care products.

Other info from the internet
Rose hip oil is very rich in vitamins especially vitamin A, which has been proven to have a very beneficial effect on skin, as well as a related substance, retinoic acid, which gives rose hip oil its remarkable skin repairing and rejuvenating properties.

Extensive studies have proven rose hip seed oil to have a positive effect on:
Aged skin (Fight the Effects of Photo-Aging) and wrinkles
Scars, Acne scar, sensitive & skin Stretch marks
Surgical and Traumatic Dermal Scars
Skin burns - when applied to burns it assists in reducing the formation of keloids and scar and returning the tissue to its normal and natural coloring.
Also used in hot oil treatment for brittle damaged hair

The natural composition of Rosehip Oil includes :
· Linoleic acid 44%
· Alfa Linolenic acid 36%
· Natural anti oxidants (tocopherols and carotenoids)

Jojoba Oil

It can spread well and can be absorbed well. It can be used as skin moisturizer, lip balm/moisturizer, shaving cream, hot oil treatment alone, or mixed with other product.

Dermatological tests shows that jojoba oil increases the skin’s suppleness by 45% and after 8 hours the effect was still present. It was also found that jojoba oil softens and smoothes the skin with fine line reduction. This is because jojoba oil controls transpiration water loss and helps to control flaking and dryness of the skin, thereby helping fight wrinkles.

What’s interesting about it is that it isn’t actually an oil, but rather what they call a wax ester. Of all the compounds in nature, this wax ester is the most similar to human skin oil (sebum). This provides all day moisture as it doesn’t evaporate like water based moisturizers. It is vry stable because it does not become rancid or lose antioxidants even after long periods of storage.

Overall although cleo and age-defying oil are scented, they didn’t irritate my skin ( I used them on face) , cause rashes nor made my skin itch. Rosehip oil is very effective in drying pimples. I cant choose which is better they all made my skin soft and radiant. It healed rashes and pimples. I find myself using rose oil and age-defying on face alternately while Cleopatra and jojoba oil on body.

Remember I posted that I’m battling hormonal pimples? These helped a lot. I experienced minimal breakouts on face (during those times when I was still sick and my boss forced me to report to work so when i got home i went straight to my room and fell asleep immediately and woke up the following day already) I wasn’t able to used it much on body though due to days when I was sick to bathe, was not feeling to vain recently coz I was on lazy mode or im still weak so I keep my bath routine really short, so yah hormonal pimps succeeded on giving me backne (geesh..)

I will definitely repurchase and use these potent oils as body oil and hopefully it will heal those nasty spots on my back,.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

fashion 21 Mineral Blush

Note: crappy pic so i didn't watermarked it anymore..
Saw this at newspaper and i immediately checked the mall for this promising cheap mineral make-up alternative,. Costs P150.00, comes in 4 colors (light pink to reddish pink). Now the ingredients,. I read it,. Yays,. Parabens,. For an MMU purist like some of us, reading this will shoo us enough,. Hmm,. I was tempted to buy,. almost.. but I didn’t,. geesh…

This is cheap though… hehe..

Thursday, June 18, 2009

EDM Swirling Bowl

I bought swirling bowl from EDM before. When I got them I didn’t know what to do with the biggest bowl (2 cups measurement, I think). I don’t wanna use them for food either so I just kept them for awhile then I realized that I can use them to store my MMU baggies. I’ve transferred some to pots already but there are quite a many that’s left and I don’t wanna buy pots anymore.

So I just grouped them into four meshbags (from different MMU companies too)
Foundie, finpow, eyeshadows and blush

And voila..

I think their cute..

Monday, June 15, 2009

Joppa Grab bag and EDM Loot

Got the PO notice for these babies last May but was able to pick them up last week only..

Here’s what’s inside my Joppa Grab Bag

FS Jar Med. Light Morning Dew & Simple radiance blend
FS Refill baggie Light Morning Dew & Simple radiance blend
Earthen Rose blush
Simple radiance frost - ES
Samantha - ES
Majestic - ES
Glitzy - ES/blush
Lavander Hand Butter sample
Minty Lips Lip balm

Everyday Mineral (EDM) loot

TOP ROW: Blushes
2nd ROW: eyeshadows except for
pearl beige (concealer)
Stippling Brush

I will post swatches soon,. I'm on lazy mode still, waahh..

The body Shop basics

La mer experience was so inspiring that I convinced myself to buy a facial buff like the ones we used there.

Its good for deep cleansing they say. So I tried this one from the body shop. I indeed felt the difference. It is squeaky clean yet refreshed. I don’t feel any soap residue (the hard and tight feeling) nor oily feel. I can use this once a week to properly exfoliate my face. What i love more is that i use lesser water with this since I just need to sweep the sponge on my face. I usually splash water many times on my face coz that way i feel I clean my face well.

Organic cotton rounds

Unused - pretty dots..

Used - they dont leave cotton fibers on face

I love that this is organic. Also it is textured yet so soft, perfect for removing (eye) make-up. It doesn’t break or loosen easily like the usual cotton pads I use. I got this for P300 for 2 rolls (100pcs each).

Sunday, June 7, 2009

La Mer Discovery Experience

Before I got sick I got an invitation from La mer specialist Joanne from Rustans about La mer discovery experience (sorry I deleted the message so I forgot the title of the event). I immediately said yes for I know it will be a great entry for my blogg. It was held last May 23.

And yes I was right. I went with my bestfriend Jo anne (I’ll call her Best so as not to confused with La mer expert Joanne). It was held at East Café at Rustans. When we got there, a very chic table setting welcomed us. We felt a little awkward at first coz we thought the setting and participants were a little refined for us. But as the event progress we we’re having fun already (at least Best and I). We were asked to put on the head band coz we will be trying the whole La mer line ourselves. Right in front of us are silver basins with water and facial puffs for easier cleansing. We were advised that if we aren’t comfortable removing our make-up we can at least try it in our hands. And so Best and I agreed, we said that we don’t want to show our faces bare, hehe.. But we did otherwise coz we thought it will be so much fun!
We started with the make-up remover.

Love the texture, the oil is finer than DHC but not quite as thin as Clarins (I will review this sooner), just in between but is very fine for me. Rinses easily and doesn’t leave the skin greasy.

Next is the Facial wash there’s two variant of this the liquid soap and the milk variant which is tissue-off . We we’re asked to choose what to use, we chose the milk variant

We spread it on face then rinse using facial puffs.. this was luxurious I thought, this doesn’t sting my face at all. Skin isn’t tight and dry nor does it feel sticky or greasy.

Then the scrub which can be used as facial scrub or mask (left for 8 minutes)

Wow!,I so love this! just used this for minutes and my skin feels smooth and soft already. Just wash it thoroughly since tiny flecks (diamonds?!!) will be left on skin, I saw one on my face and I smiled (told Best, hey can I sell this?!!).. I loved it so much that I ask how much was this, and Joanne said its P4500,. I said wow, it not that expensive, I’m likely to get one myself soon (after finishing other scrubs I have though..)

Then the toner…

We pat it on our face using cotton pads (not rub or sweep). Feels good too, not stingy..

The Infusions. Again there’s two variant the moisture infusion and the radiant infusion

We chose the radiant infusion (one of those I’ve been eyeing so much). We pat it on our face

Then the lifting serum.. It was put on our palm than sweep it twice then spread on our face on outward motion. I keep on smelling the products everytime I’m applying it on my face. It was soothing and not strong.

The lifting concentrate were placed at deep lines for extra support, glad that we don’t need one yet.

Then the eye balm and eye concentrate

We chose eye concentrate (again I’m lusting this, haha!).. swept it using the silver-tipped wand. The wand was cool and soothing. I just wondered if the wand will still be cold if left on room temperature (no aircon on scorching summer heat).

Now the moisturizer, I already have the cream and tested the gel so I chose the oil-absorbing formula.
We we’re taught how to properly warm it in our fingers. I used to do it on finger tips only, but we were taught to warm it our entire fingers. Just put your finger on top of each other (criss-cross way) then rub in small circular manner until the cream turns white liquid. It was sure easier this way. Then we pat in on our entire face.

It was wrapped-up using the new SPF30!.. I only saw SPF18 before (on blanc dela mer). This is the broader spectrum variant. I thought, with everything I’ve put on my face it’ll feel heavy and dewy. But the SPF was so light. It is the by far the lightest SPF I’ve tried (at least compared to Nivea, Neutrogena, BB cream, Armada). And it felt like I didn’t put any on my face. It was just soft, velvety smooth and so radiant that I can be convinced not to put make-up on anymore.
moi, after the spa-like session, no make-up at all,., tehhee..

me and Best..

Overall, my experience left me astound. La mer aint a luxury brand for nothing. It drawed me more to La mer and left me thinking that after I’ve consumed the beauty bottles I have, I’m gonna get myself some La mer stuff again.. It will definitely include the Radiant infusion, Refining facial, La mer Oil absorbing variant and the SPF too perhaps..

Even Best had a great day too and told me, if there’s any event like this again, she’d like to join me.

us, still no make-up but loving our skin,.

The foodie...

the freebies..

La mer hydrating infusion and moisturizing gel..wished i got radiant infusion instead :(

Sick again..

I wanted to post this short reflection early January but decided otherwise thinking that I want to confide my blog for beauty junkies only. It’s not even finished. But I realized that blog for me now is sort of a journal of my life and quests (for good make-up and beauty creams, LOL) , so I guess I need to expand the horizon and talk about my life a little.. Here’s the entry I made:

Last year I’ve been quite sickly and wasn’t happy with how my year ended.. I got a little depressed.. At night I will just lay on our roof deck and try to gaze at the stars. Thinking how things went wrong,. Would I resign from work or stay,. As I was reflecting on what my year has become, I was gazing at our lovely trees, I remember how little by little the flowers bloom,..

It was raining these past months so the flowers just rot and fell from branches. Almost none was left. The tree again started producing flowers but then these days the wind was blowing hard so they also fell.. Still the tree managed to produce more flowers that turned to tiny mango as days past,.
Sometimes these tiny fruits don’t stand a chance in battering wind and so they fell on ground too,. But there were those who stayed and managed to grow.
In weeks time they will be abundant, heading for ripening and will be eventually be harvested.

It made me think that life is in way similar with it,. Life is a survival. We strive in our life looking forward for the flowers to bloom in our life, for our life to be flowery, its not yet the reaping time but it makes you think that life is blissful and happy. But trials come and our hopes sometimes die down. We will start anew being positive that when I do things right and better this time, consequences will be rewarding. But trials will come, sometimes battering even harder than in the past. We will hold on, and try to withstand. It’s kind of depressing. Depressing because we try to focus on bad things, on the fallen flowers and fruit.

I tried to look further and saw the entirety of my life. My hopes didn’t die at all. Part of me was lost but im still whole. The entirety of my life is beautiful. I could still be a source of happiness for others. It made me realized that I needed to forgive. They were vexation in my life, but they polished me.. I withstand them, then I should be stronger now. Then I should be happy, I should remain positive…

So what made me decide to post that short reflection,. Im sick again, blah,.
The day before I was confined in the hospital, I had fever and was agonizing with stomach pain. My usually bratinella cat went to my room and laid on my stomach (note: she doesn’t sleep in my room).
Since I was in pain I slided her to my side coz her weight is pushing my stomach making it even more painful. She crept back and laid again making herself lighter (dunno how she did it) that I don’t feel pain anymore. Then we both fell asleep. I woke up and was about to go out of my room when she meowed at me and so I went back in to pat her neck. She laid beside me and when she closed her eyes I went to my parent’s room so I can watch TV. She followed me again and laid beside me. I kept hugging her every time I’m feeling pain. She would normally jump out of bed since she doesn’t want being hugged or squashed but she stayed. It made me think that our beloved pets do feel our pain. Coz sometimes if it’s my brothers or parents who Is sick our dog will also look sickly.
Anyweys, in the hospital I was given bottles and bottles of potassium in my dextrose (potassium is freakin’ painful when given through IV). I weren’t looking at myself at the mirror (duh, im too sick to be beauty conscious) so when I finally got back home I was expecting a haggard looking, deep set-ted eye and dark underyes. But when I sited myself in front of my dresser, I was amazed to see how glowing my skin was, it’s just I got thinner (lost 5 pounds) and I do look sick but my skin is in good shape, I didn’t even broke-out even if I haven’t washed my face for 4 days (yuck! Hehe.. )

So I guess the saying that banana is good for skin was right. Though it’s impossible to eat that huge amount of banana to get the equal amount of potassium I got then (and I think it’s only advisable to take litters of it if you’re like me who dropped the potassium level), it won’t hurt to couple our beauty regimen with banana in our diet. A nature’s way to good skin,. Heads up ladies,…

I surely missed blogging,. Be back soon,. It’s my birthday month anyweys,. I should keep my blog rolling..