Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lancome Product Launching

Been so busy this past week (I cannot tell you yet the reason, but hopefully things will turn good).. I was freakin drained that I almost didn't made it to Lancome Genefique launching.. But glad that I did, coz it was one blast way to end a stressful week,. tehee..

When I arrived, Shen (of Shen's addiction) wasn't there yet, and I knew no one,. I saw Nikki (of Ashmewhats) but was really shy to approach her. And so the typical first-timer-silence-itch bit me.. The event started with a game,. ala Amazing race to Genefique,. Glad that i was grouped with Shen, Nikki and Hershey coz they were so competitive and I was really drowsy,. They were like running in the whole Greenbelt5 and I was brisk walking only (sorry girls.. I cannot run yet..)

Nweys, we ended up second place. The first placer gets a white hobo bag and a full size of Lancome Genifique (envy mode). We got the same hobo bag and got a full size perfume.

The loots we got to take home,.

Tender Form not included anymore, gave it BF already..

Chic detail of the bag,.

An addition to my collection..

Weren't able to take pics but this one only,. lovely Shen..
Remembrance of the event..

My night with the girls ended up with a dinner. Phoebe (Swipe some gloss) came in to join us too..

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean Splash Away Foaming Cleanser

Long name huh!.


Deliciously refreshing foam gently yet thoroughly cleans and rebalances skin.Splashes away with no soapy film, no trace of impurities.

-Lightly hydrates and conditions as it cleanses.
-Gently manages oily zones while soothing dry areas.
-Leaves skin feeling renewed, comfortable, healthy.

-White Water Lily -
cant find its beauty attributes web says it used as sedative and
-Senega - cant find beauty uses too,. web says it for diuretic and expectorant
-Barberry - edible, and rich in vitamin C (at last! something that's in beauty dictionary)


Another so-so cleanser for me. Smell reminds me of Ponds only it doesn't give me bumps, redness and pimps (still can't use Ponds, dunno why). Well I've been using it before (prior quiting pills) during the phase when my skin was on dry side so I didn't really appreciate it since this is for normal to combination skin (on the oily side), it leaves my skin feeling a little tight (but fragrant!). It does leave skin matte and squiky clean though.

And with those two ingredient with unknown beauty value I dont think I will purchase this cleaser unless someone will give me its beauty essence.

Neutrogena Alcohol-free toner

Speaking of my acne battle post,. I already forgot to post my review on this toner..


This is just so-so for me,. I didn't see any significant effect but at least it doesn't have adverse effect either. No bumps, redness or stinging. Good for normal to dry skin since it's alcohol-free, it wont dry your skin. Good for those on the budget.

It is still on..

The battle to hormonal bumps,. its frustrating sometimes that im so tempted to go back on hormone pills,. But i wont.. So I bought back-ups of those that's been doing wonders for my face and I intend to use them on whole body now.. My only consolation is that at least they grow on my back, not so much on my face (just a few blackheads,. ggrrr..)..

Cyleina Black pearl, Tomato, Straberry, Rosehip Oil

Tomato - Its good for drying pimples really,. and gives nice glow on face

Strawberry - for exfoliation and drying of bumps too..

Rosehip oil - this is really good not only on healing acne but making skin soft and firm. Even the facialist (the one who did my facial,. bummer, i dunno what to call 'em) said my skin is firm..

On new size, same grams it just come on square shape..

New one to try anti-acne soap,. contains salicylic acid and tea tree oil.

REQUEST: warming part of La mer

This is amongst the long overdue request,. an elaboration of warming part La mer..

This is what i needed for the whole face..
The traditional way of warming it, puting it on finger tips and sliding it up and down a bit, I try not to warm it on the whole finger since i feel like my fingers are absorbing the cream that Im left with little to put on my face..
This is what i got from the internet say my fingers are darn cold, I warm it the center of my palm and warm by making little circle, again so that the cream will not be spread on entire palm..
This is what I learned from the La mer discovery,. warm it on entire fingers its way faster but more cream is needed here since it is spread on the whole fingers..

It should look like this after (using the traditional way of warming)

So there, overdue requests to be served sooner,.HTH..

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Clarins: Pure Melt Cleansing Gel


(click to enlarge)

The gel melts into very thin oil, i mean its less greasy than DHC cleansing oil, it actually felt like the gel hasn't melt yet that I look into my hands if its in oil form already,. And since it's thin it doesn't run down unlike when Im using oil cleansers so it doesn't sting my eyes.

Smells really nice, I can't pretty tell what it is, but its like being in a spa, smell is not lavander or minty though, its rather lighter not musky and flowery.
I just notice that the gel sometimes melts slowly especially around the eye, it tends to clump and dissolves undereye conclear and eyeshadows rather slower than other oil cleanser I've tried, I ended up massaging my face longer, but the end result is still superior! I really like leaving it longer, i dunno but it felt like letting marula oil sink better and do its therapeutic benefits.
It washes off as milky emulsion just like other oil cleansers too. It delivers, true to its claim,. it does dissolves eyeshadows and mascaras and leaves skin soft.

Those with dry skin will benefit from this since it leaves skin hydrated and velvety-soft. Being OC, it feels a little oily for me (though its not ) so i still use soap after. Still my face doesn't feel tight but rather refreshed. Very spa like!

Its main component is Marula oil,. It's quite new to me so i reserched a bit and this is what I got:
Extracted from the kernels (nuts) of the Marula tree which is indigenous to Southern Africa. Marula oil has a clear, light yellow colour (Hence the color of the gel is light yellow) and a nutty aroma (oww, that’s the smell.. i didn’t got that!) .. It is traditionally used as a moisturizing body lotion for women and also as a massage oil for babies. In the past, women used Marula oil rather than water to clean themselves.
Marula oil has remarkable qualities. It is rich in antioxidants and oleic acid as well as the essential linoleic fatty acid, essential components for the maintenance of healthy skin. Marula oil contains a similar fatty acid composition to olive oil however it is 10 times more stable to oxidation. Marula oil has also shown to improve skin hydration, skin smoothness and reduce redness
With its combination of high nutritional value and excellent stability, marula oil is an ideal and innovative choice for modern cosmetic formulas and as a carrier oil for aromatherapy.
- To treat dry, chapping skin.
- To maintain hydrated, smooth skin
- To reduce redness.
- Can be used around the eyes.
- A good Massage oil.
- Anti aging face cream

Baby care: massage oil
Hair care: shampoo for dry damaged and fragile hair
Cosmetics: component of lipsticks
Food: antioxidant properties for the nutraceutical industry

The Marula fruits are edible, eaten either raw or made into a delicious jelly. They are also brewed into a popular beer; a marula liqueur is available commercially. The kernels are either eaten raw or roasted, have a delicious taste and are regarded by many indigenous people as a delicacy, a ‘Food of Kings’ .
The bark is widely used medicinally to treat diarrhea, diabetes, fever and malaria, and the roots are used to treat sore eyes. The leaves are used to make a relish, and the hard wood makes excellent kitchen utensils.

It is the oil from the Marula kernel that has come to give the Marula tree its spiritual status. The kernels are so full of oil that a squeeze with the hand can release a rich yield.

Across the generations it has proven to protect against dry, cracking skin and in fact its moisturising properties are so effective that it is also used to treat leather and in preserving meat. Hence within the Zulu tribe, the Marula tree symbolizes women’s fertility, softness and tenderness, and new-born baby girls are welcomed into the world with traditional Marula ceremonies

Marula oil is indeed Africa's miracle oil. Im glad I've tried this thru our sis Gracie.. I'd say Clarins is one luxurious brand that is a must to try..

Price at Rustans: P1,400.00

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What's in my vanity cabinet – 2nd Installment

Here's the second installment from my treasure cabinet... my Perfume cabinet..

I've been into perfumes eversince I was grade 2.. While the little girls use Johnsons baby cologne, I was using Jovan,. When I went to highschool everyone was into Nenuco and Angel's Breath while me, I used Poison by Christian Dior,.

I've emptied bottles of perfume already but my fascination with collecting bottles (and scents)started in Year 2006. Here's what I've treasured so far,.

Here's what I use in the office.. (Yup, that's a second bottle of Mango adorable, Im inlove with this scent, this will always be a staple scent for me)

I’ve emptied some of them, I just put them at the table side coz I find it fascinating to look at and I sometimes sniff the scent from the spritzer . What’s left is a body mist from Avon (to freshen up), a little from The body shop Vanilla and a French perfume (at the back of Prescripto bottle) – this perfume is too strong and last really long so I just use a spritz of this and spread it all over.. I’m not even halfway from the bottom..

You might be wondering what's a prescripto bottle is doing here,. This was among the limited scent, its not 'a version of' or 'immitation' scent. This is amongst the original scent released back then and it was a good musky, flowery scent...

This one is a Liz Claiborne perfume given by BF (I forgot to include it in the photoshoot,. hehe..).. I use this at office since it is a musky, powdery scent too.. Sometimes I use it for overnights,. its a sexy scent..

So there, hope you like the second part,.. two more to go,..