Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Win a DKNY Handbag from Annie Spandex and Spread the Word about Handbag Amnesty!

As evident in my posts here, im such a bagaholic! I know i swear not to join any contest this year anymore coz I won twice in a row (Aromaleigh, from sis Gracie),. But I cant let this one pass,. not that i want to win again, i just find it exciting, and besides, it's for a good cause,. so here it is,.
This entire month of September is Handbag Month at Handbag.com and they're teaming up with Cancer Research UK to raise money in the fight against cancer by asking celebrities to donate handbags from their own closets.Celebrities like Scarlett Johannson, Rachel Weisz, Heidi Klum and Annie Lennox have already donated bags for the cause. The bags will be auctioned off on eBay on October 4-11 for Breast Cancer Month, with all proceeds going to Cancer Research UK, the largest single funder of breast cancer research in the UK.The sweet Annie of Annie Spandex really wants to get the word out to everyone about this so as an incentive, she's giving away this gorgeous DKNY Nappa Chain Hobo bag courtesy of Handbag Amnesty!

This giveaway is open to anyone in the world, all you have to do is spread the word about it!
Check out Annie's BLOG for the full details.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

What's in my vanity cabinet- The 4th and final Installment: The Bags,.

The final installment I save the best for last (I think,. ). Stacked up it look like this,.
Lost some dust bags already so I put them on huge plastics. It doesn’t look good so I’m thinking of buying a dust bag for each of them,.

Here they are unveiled.

My collection by brand:

Kathy Van Zeeland – love the rocker chic, modern-hip style for gimiks

Nine West – basic black and brown for office with the exception of one studded bag. Lacoste – for casual days
Guess, CK, Tommy Hilfigger and Ralph Lauren
Freebies from Clinique and Lancome
Liz Claiborne (the black ones) and Rosetti (the brown) – for office too

Etc… Gucci, LV, Fendi
I've always love bags more than clothes. I use to buy nice non-branded bags. Then my lemming evolved,.hehe,. Would you believe that except for the two brown LVs ( I had them since late 90's) subsequent purchases for this collection was in Y2006 only? Big spender, really,.

I think I have more than enough bags. I (hopefully) won’t buy anymore till next year. As BF says, branded bags are heavy duty, they’re not disposables. They last long that I grow tired of them sooner than they’re actually worn-out. Lately im lemming for Channels, LVs, Guccis,. so I need to stop and look at all these, I have a good collection already,.

So there, the final installment,. I hope you guys enjoy sight-seeing,.

Again click here to see the all the installments of posts,.

Long break from blogging is over,.

It’s a nice break from blogging,. I’ve a lot to blog but needed time off from my PC,. Needed it badly otherwise I'll be posting more rants rather than the usual kikay stuff. Well these past weeks we’ve been busy also preparing for the dance number for our team building,. I think its worth sharing it here,. It was held at Mimosa, Clark Pampanga

The Group..
The first costume.. nice break too from the usual corporate get-up,. tehee..
Second attire (with sir Raul)
The group during dinner..

Love the vanity mirror of the villas.. look how huge the mirror is.. I told myself when I get my own house I want a vanity counter like this too,.

As usual , I did their make-up, been doing it for the past year during parties and special occasions. I'm enjoying the fact that they entust me their faces, hehe..

My paraphernalia..

nice mess eigh,.

What's in my vanity cabinet-3rd Installment

The 3rd installment - The toiletries cabinet,. It used to look like this.

I find it unorganized and waste of space. So I bought plastic drawer and fitted it like this.
But my growing collection of bags need more space so I placed it on the space under.
Hair products gets their own basket

Inside the drawer are as follows:

1st layer - Brushes

2nd layer - supplements
3rd layer - beauty junks

4th layer - pouches, make-up bags.

One last to go,... tata for now,.