Saturday, December 26, 2009

Nivea Smooth Body Oil


I love body oils, but this one is not working for me, aggregated by the weather, my skin got drier even if I apply oil generously. It absorbs in the skin though and doesn’t felt oily, but my skin got wrinkled coz of dehydration. In my frustration I added emu oil, jojoba oil, rosehip oil and Cleopatra oil (all from Storeeland.multiply) so it wont go straight to the trash bin.

I don’t see myself buying again. Again my skin condition is very dry (body) as in my skin gets flaky and white when I forgot to use lotion even just once!, So this may work on those with normal to dry skin.

Belated Merry Christmas Everyone!

Time for gift giving and receiving again! Despite trying times I tried so hard to enjoy Christmas (I might share it here once everything is fine).

Just wanna share my favorite amongst the gifts I received well bcoz they're blogg related.

Addition to my collections:

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Perfume
Not a fan of this perfume before. When I smell this on others, it smells like grass for me. I guess it depends on each body chemistry coz when i wore it, i smell subtly sweet and fresh. I surprisingly liked it. Good as summer scent coz of its lightness and no-musky feel. Sadly it doesn't last long on me.

Re-usable bags (foldable bags)

I love these bags. I always have on on my bag for shopping use, or whenever I'm bringing extra things coz i don't like stuffing my shoulder/carry bags like they're gonna pop already. Also I do this to balance the weight on both shoulders. Putting it on one side only gives me the worst back/shoulder/nape pain.

XOXO Hobo bags

My first XOXO. Nice for mall outs coz its smaller than my usual bags.

Human Heart and Nature Shampoo and Conditioner

I already have some of of HHN Line, so this is a nice gift for me.

Balenciaga Bag

My gift to myself!

So there, hope you guys enjoyed your Christmas too!