Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bags, Bags, Bags,.

Ok, im self-confessed bagaholic, I guess by now we all know that,. Finally cave in to my LC lemming,.

Here now, proudly sitting on my round chair, my Longchamp in 'Or Rose'...
LH, Medium

I so love this baby.. It even smell like a brand new LV (LV lovers would know the high of sniffing new LV baby,... tehee... )

Since I've been on blogging break, I wasn't able to post my bag hauls for the second half of Y2010..

Here's the bloggrole...

Coach PVC shoulder bag..
Very feminine yet functional. Same size as with speedy30 only it has 3 dimensional compartment for hanky or tissue paper perhaps, so you wont have to open your bag all the time to get your essentials..

Coach Horse and carriage tote bag,..
It's a coated fabric. At first I was a little careful in totting this bag coz in my mind its a fabric, so it easily stain. Well, one day, while carrying this baby on my shoulder, the rain fell abruptly. To my surprise I see the water droplets formed beads on the surface. It didn't got absorbed by the fabric. I just wipe it off and my bag stayed perfectly dry. So I read the carecard and it did say that it was treated to be water and dirt repellant.

(Another) Coach Green PVC bag..
I think its same material as with the LV ebene, remember LV-lovers say that ebene is not leather but a synthetic one hence its called rubberized. Its such a low maintenance bag, it can be drenched on rain, place it anywhere, without worrying bout dirtmarks. Just wipe-off the surface to clean it before storing.

What draws me to coach is the quality of the leather they use, its fine and soft to touch. Trimmings are neat too. Indeed a very quality bag for a fraction of a cost - well compared to LV, Balenciaga or **Hermes**...

So there... see you girls on my next posts....