Saturday, April 4, 2009

Skinfood Cappuccino Mousse foam

At first I was hesitant to try this coz Im not a a fan of coffee.. I don’t drink coffee or eat anything that’s coffee flavored. But it’s freebie anyweys.

So when I squeezed out some to my palm it more smelled like mocha frap.. I enjoyed its creamy smell. Upon lathering it to my face I can feel the big coffee beans (or should I say husk) rubbing onto my skin but its not abrasive, I don’t think it is exfoliating since the beads were a little big and it wasn’t a fair amount to exfoliate. It didn’t give me bumps or red allergy spots like Ponds cleanser do.. I see this as an ordinary cleanser. After rinsing my face didn’t felt tight. Over all I enjoyed the creamy smell and creamy lather,. Really looks and smell like frap..

Rate: 4/5

Im not buying one though.. There’s nothing special about this but the smell… Good for coffee lovers…

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