Saturday, November 15, 2008

Jinky Oda’s Transformation

Cant copy pic from this site so just click the URL :

Cant believe with this add.. very surprising,. But I think the pics where exaggerated and that her real color are the ones shown in the left side wearing red gown,,. After all her back-draft says glutamax.. so that’s her recent pic and the company’s goal is to turn her to snow-white girl as shown on the lower right pic.. just my 2cent s here..

But this is nice, if they can make Jinky Oda that white, their sales will definitely shoot rocket high!...

Air Stockings Perfect Fit and Jewel-Jewel

Reading the cosmo awards and preview beauty awards, I was intrigued that this Air Stocking Jewel-Jewel both made their list. I always wear stockings at office to hide my mosquito bites but had always wished that I can get off them someday coz honestly wearing stockings sometimes is a hassle especially if you’ve just bought them and then your stockings got ‘run’.. goodbye to your Php300++ Wacoal stockings!..

So I headed to the mall and tested it,. But the SA recommended the other version which is the perfect fit. She said this is more appropriate for office.. I said what’s the difference.. she says that jewel-jewel is shimmery and sparkly, while perfect fit, has less sparkle almost unnoticeable.. testing it at the mall, I see no difference (maybe bcoz of the lighting) so I was torn what to buy .. but I trusted the SA and took the perfect fit,. When I went out of the mall I checked my swatches (at my arms) in day light and was so surprised the Jewel-Jewel is indeed sparkly, perfect leg make-up for night-outs and parties,. While the perfect fit is silky finish have tiny sparkles but is definitely toned down compared to jewel-jewel॥

So it says that it can conceal bruises, spider veins and evens out skin-tone.. It does evens out skin-tone, and minimizes the appearance of spider-veins the ones on my hand are really big and apparent compared so it still shows a bit (but thank goodness I don’t have that on my legs)…

Verdict: 5/5

Will I buy it again: Yes just use it sparingly, say on special occasions, but hey a little goes a long way here, so I can use it too on daily basis.. the biggest canister costs P998.75.. don’t know yet how long will this last me,.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


I was recently diagnosed with asthma bronchitis,. That explained my loss of appetite, feeling weak and I totally do not want to report to office.. look how much weight I lost..

These pics were taken last Nov1

What im wearing:

Lure beauty Foundie

BE warmth

Lumiere Pearlfection powder

Pretty cousins..

Aubrey Nicole Sale

Got this email from Aubrey Nicole Cosmetics॥

Can You Believe It?? The year is almost over and what better way to bring 2008 to a Very Sweet close than with a FREE SHIPPING sale from Aubrey Nicole।
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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Hooray for Bare Escentuasl!

Im such a magazine junkie.. and my fav is the beauty awards (perhaps I should make a compilation one day of 2008 beauty awards from cosmopolitan, metro and preview).. nweys,. On the cover now is the lovely Heart Evangelista

I immediately opened on beauty award section, As I look at the make-up section,। I smiled॥

There is our first love MMU,.. Bare Escentual!!! Im not just sure who’s CP# is that.. unless sis Klodster changed her number without updating her multiply site..

Also from the make up tool, I saw a familiar baby,.. Alison Raffaele Brush .. Alison Raffaele by the way is Mineral Make-up Line too.. commercialized like Laura Mercier and Youngblood.. doesn’t it look like EDM long handled kabuki **wink** . Only far more expensive.. sells at.. drum rolls.. Php2,495… whew..