Saturday, September 27, 2008

FOTD: Lauress Ethereal Mineral Foundie

Love the staying power,. It looked polished in the morning,. And by night (gimik night) without even retouching, the whole look was still amazing




Lauress Ethereal

Lauress Finishing touch

Lauress Flushed blush

Lauress Luminous Luminesse

Ocean Mist Saffron


Dreamworld Peach Fairey (whole lid)

Dreamworld Herra’s gift (outer crease)

Dreamworld Ice Fairey (brow line)

Lumiere Dark chocolate Liner


Aubrey Nicole Bombshell

Lauress Loot

Grabbed some sample size of foundies and finpows of all formulas.. my verdict:

For office or special occasion: Ethereal Formula since its creaminess and polished look are just perfect

For outdoors: Minimalist formula goes on smooth

I am yet to road test the elemental formula

Amongst the finpow I like the (for office and special occasion) Finishing touch and Ultimatte Finish.. cant tell the difference though.. While the I prefer the fantastic finish for outdoor use since its got oil control properties..

The Luminesse powder are amazing too,. Its adds a wonderful airbrush finish.. While the blushes really goes on lightly as if im blushing naturally..

Im loving Lauress that im getting myself a full size sooner…

FOTD: Joppa Simple Radiance

Here’s a simple FOTD using Joppa Simple Radiance,. I love the fact that looks natural and light indoor and outdoor,. Goes on sheer on me,. Perfect for outdoors wherein I’ll be sweating buckets.. It doesn’t make me itch either.. I don’t use this for office though since I prefer to look made-up and polished at work..



Simple Eye do..


Powder primer

Joppa Simple Radiance Foundie

Joppa Simple Radiance Finpow

Ellana blush in coral


EDM (Everyday Mineral) Eyeshadow in Cliché

Fashion21 Eyeliner in white

Maybeline Ustoppable Shiny Black Macara

Being the magazine junkie I am,. Saw this add again and grabbed one myself,

Bare Lashes (and skin at morning)..

One coat of Maybeline Ustoppable Shiny Black Macara..


-Its cheap for P349..

-This made my lashes livelier, I’ve long and curled lashes already but I love how it made my lashes stand out,. It usually isn’t as noticeable when I put on heavy eye shadows..

- No spider legs look (which I really hate that’s why I (almost) never use mascara

- Didn’t smudge, and no raccoon eyes the following morning.. (I always get this with other brand no matter how I wash my eyelashes the eveing before)


- Nadda,. Since I’m not a mascara junkie,. This one did just fine..

Will I buy again? Sure when I ran out of this..

Organizing MMU part 2

Here’s how I organize my MMU stashes at home,

I place some on my train case,. On the left compartment are the blushes,. The right are the foundies and finpow while at the bottom are the eye shadows and zip lock baggies..

On my table counter are the MMUs I always use like powder primers, silicon primer foundies, finpows, blushes ES, brushes and Everyday Mineral (EDM) full size jars which do not fit my blushes compartment

Organizing MMU part1..

I’ve always read that some gals are hesitant on switching to Mineral make-up (MMU) coz its messy on bag,. I say why bring them with you,. If you’re a student leave some on your locker room, if you’re already working have a kikay kit in you drawer.. MMU stays anyway, you might just wanna retouch once otherwise it tends to cake,.. so here’s how I organize my MMU.. At the office … I’ve four पौचेस

The make-kit I bought from MAD Minerals
contains the foundie, finpow and ES..

XOXO pouch more ES and Blushes (All MMU)..

Mesh Bag… some more MMU and non-MMU like uber chead fashion21 stick eyeshadow and nichido girts night out lining pencil/shadows.. and mascara..

Pink pencil case I use for storing my brushes॥

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Maybeline Watershine Pure

Saw this add on a magazine, and wanted to buy one

But I got the wrong stuff, hehe..

Nweys, its good also, it moisturizes lips and have a glossy finish,. I got one in pink,. Perhaps I’ll just get Maybeline Watershine 3D collagen in red

Make-up Tools

When you got hooked in MMU, it follows thay you’ll be a collector of brushes too,. The softer the better..

Here’s my humble (as compared to other fellow girltalker) set of brushes…

Everyday Minerals: Flat top, Long Handled Kabuki, Blush Brush, Concealer Brush

Softest brushes …

Charm: Kabuki, concealer brush, liner brush, flat top

First set of Brushes..

The face shop: powder brush

Made of natural goat’s hair,. Need to condition them every washes to make them softer

Mistine: powder brush

Soft brush, comparable to high-ends

Liner brush from Landmark

MAD Pink kabuki

Life&Companion Brushes and other shadow brushes..

Pure Anada

Got my Pure Anada haul,. Ordered July 25 was sent on July 28,. Unfortunately it never reached me,. So emailed them (Sept. 7) to confirm when was it shipped. I stated that my packages always reach me in two weeks time.. so Leigh of The Pure Boutique replied (really fast, huh॥):

Thanks for letting us know; you should have received your order long ago। It was shipped on July 28/08 and normally takes anywhere from 6 to 14 business days to arrive. Obviously it may have got lost.

She sent me another package,. Wasn’t expecting it,. I thought she will just cancel and refund my money same way J. Lynne MMU did.. So happy she didn’t,. Package sent on Sept 9,. Got it last Sept 19…

will soon try to post swatches or FOTD…

Whose into MMU?

Bought Mega magazine coz (1) its special beauty award and (2) their cover now is Lucy Torres.. one of my favorite faces in show business.. as I read the article I smiled when I read:

Nice, noh?!!

First Haul…

My first venture in MMU way back Y2006,. I bought so many full size foundies of Babydoll to get my right shade॥ yes, I don’t settle for samples (and I think they don’t have that then..) turns out cool shade looks better on me, and that my skin is so acidic that I need to get the lightest shade always.. Staying power was not that good though I tend to retouch at mid-day.. I begun playing with their eyeshadows and blushes too,। Then im hooked.. next haul? Bare Escentuals of course..

What’s left of my babydoll ES