Sunday, April 19, 2009

Review: Blusche Duo-fiber Stippling Brush

Finally i've tested my Blusche stippling brush.. So lemme compare it first with Suesh..
Strands are longer than my Suesh (which I call MAC Dupe, since they really look alike),
Blusche, Suesh
Circumference is bigger too. It's more fluffy and flexible.

Blusche, Suesh

The handle is smaller and lighter.

Blusche can be use to apply primer, foundie, finpow, and AOFC but NOT blush, while the Suesh can be an all-around brush, from primer to blush.

I’ve read that other gals didn’t like it since they find the bristles not sturdy enough and that it is way flexible that they cannot get a good grip or cannot maneuver the brush properly. But I liked it. Its faster and easier to apply foundie and finpow since the circumference is bigger so it covers more at less time (READ: I do my everyday office make-up in 5mins. flat, adlt 5 mins. If I want a colorful eye-do). Also the handle is lighter, my wrist get strains with suesh coz the handle is heavier compared to all my brushes and that i buff more with this.

So which do I prefer? I think I’ll go for Blusche since Suesh make my wrist aches. Plus its way cheaper.. I got Suesh for P900 while I got Blusche for P300 pre-buy rate, regular price is P425, still cheaper isn’t it..

I haven’t used the Suesh for applying blush or radiance yet since I find it still big for cheek use. I fear I could easily look like a clown using that. But I'll try it one day,..


Crystal said...

i'm glad you like yours. i haven't tried mine but from the looks of it, it does look flimsy to me because of its length. i haven't tried it out though so i can't say for sure.

Chrissy said...

Hi there, where did you buy the Blusche brush?

Also, hi. Stumbled upon your blog! I like it. I'm going to follow. Please check mine out too if you have time! :)

shatzlaine said...

sis crystal,. you'll learn to love it,. hust use a light hand when using it so it wont sqaush on your face..

sis chrissy i got mine on online.. here's the link:

thanks for dropping by,.