Saturday, January 24, 2009

Nivea Lip Care Q10 Plus

My lips are developing lines and are becoming more prone to dryness. So I opted to buy Nivea Lip care Q10 plus. Its got spf 6 and anti-wrinkle property


Verdict: Lips are softer and well moisturized. Leaves a satiny gloss, not as sticky as other nivea lipcare variant. My lips are not as dry as it was before. Im liking this and will make it a part of my lippies. Plus its cheaper.

Rating: 5/5

Head and Shoulder

Remember I posted about Ricky Reyes’s Hair Energizing Complex which claims to aid falling hair dilemma? Guess what it did helped, I see less hair strands in bathroom floor, but the problem is, it made my scald dry and really itchy. So I needed to stop (I was just half way of the bottle). Im a little sad coz I really think that the product is promising and yet its not for me,. So another problem to deal with is get rid of the dandruff. I resorted to head and shoulders. A week after using it my scalp is back to normal. No more dandruff. But im seeing more hair strands in the floor again. So the quest is still on..

Lumiere Flawless

Again bcoz of the cold weather, I tapped my Lumiere Flawless foundie and finpow. They’ve been sleeping in my make-up case for months now।

Flawless formula is for those who have normal to dry skin.. Coverage says “medium to heavy, most opaque base, *colors may be lighter than other bases we offer due to higher levels of titanium and zinc “

The finish says in the site to be matte, its creamy for me.. Its got squalane which helps in keeping skin from drying. It really helps to keep my skin from flaking and tightening on cold days or when I’m in cold places. Staying power is good too. It has tendency to cake though so I refrain from retouching or if I need to, I’ll spritz my face with water (or evian) till its dripping wet to melt the (previously applied) foundie to my face.

This one is a keeper for me

Nuetrogena Deep Cleansing Scrub & Nuetrogena Whiteneing facial wash

These cold days really takes toll on my skin My skin as showing minimal flakes on side of mouth and chin (thanks to La mer, otherwise my whole face is peeling by now) It got aggregated when I tried using Nutrogena Heleoplex. So I decided I needed a milder cleanser. Cyleina Black pearl soap is a little drying on my skin now. Good thing is I always have Neutrogena cleansers as back-up. They’ve always been my savior on my troubled skin. Whenever my skin is breaking out, getting oilier that usual or I’m having allergies, I turn to these.


Verdict: I use this in the morning since its so gentle and that I think I don’t need thorough cleansing in the morning. Love the creamy cleanser.. leaves my skin soft and hydrated.. I don’t see the whitening effect, perhaps what it targets is dark spots. But my skin looks refreshed and doesn’t feel tight after cleansing

Rate: 4/5


Verdict: I use at night, it really remove the grimes. Leaves skin feeling clean but not raw from over scrubbing. Leaves a slippery film on skin,. Mild enough for everyday use

Verdict: 5/5

Overall: With this tandem of cleanser, my skin cleared out. Not as dry, doesn’t feel tight. And most of all my rashes’ gone.. really my HG product,..

Will I buy again: Yes, as emergency cleansers,. I will still use cyleina Black pearl on normal skin mode coz my skin might get immune with them and wont take effect anymore when an emergency arise (yah, right,. I’m simply addicted still to cyleina soaps..)

Nuetrogena Heleoplex

One thing im guilty of is not using sunblock,. I just rely on the SPF of my moisturizers, if it doesn’t have one, then I’ve no protection from UVA/UVB at all. I saw Nuetrogena Heleoplex and it attracted me to its high SPF50. I’ve been a lover of Nuetrogena products before so I tried this one.


Verdict: I don’t like the smell, too strong for a cream to put on face. Its claim of non-sticky doesn’t live up to it. The texture for me is sticky, though it is absorbed by the skin, it leaves a heavy feeling for me. Not a good base for my make-up. Its harder to apply MMU, seems like its being absorbed by the skin hence the tendency to uneven application. It stings a little upon application. I had an allergic reaction, I developed rashes ( I suspected at first that its because of the cold weather, but eventually its not) ॥ I just apply it on neck, nape and arms so as not to put my bucks into waste।

Rate: 1/5

Will I buy again: No