Friday, February 26, 2010

Loreal Elseve Re-Nutrition Caring Cream Conditioner and Nourishing Fluid (Day)

Generally this is the claim of the royal jelly line:

The Caring Cream Condition


Smells sublty sweet. Hair was indeed soft, shiny and bouncy. My hair has more life. It enhances the wave of my hair, it made it a bit curly. So gals out there who's hair is not rebonded and just rely on straightening shampoos and conditioner, this is not for you. On the other hand this is great if your hair is rebonded coz it will really nourish your locks, thus avoiding dull, luckluster and brittle hair. Also if your hair is naturally curly/wavy and you want to maintain it that way. this will make your curls fuller and bouncy.

As for me, I prefer my hair lately wavy, beach-hair kinda way, so I'm ok with this although at first (when I was obsessed with pin-straight hair) I freaked out.

The Nourishing Fuid (Day)



Unlike its night serum, the smell doesn't bother me. Like the conditioner, it is subtly sweet. At first I was so-so at this. Its like an additional step for me. But since I colored my hair lately, this made sense for me. As we all know chemically treated hair needs extra caring and intense conditioning to avoid frying dry your hair. So this leave-on will offer help.

Over-all the Royal Jelly Line is pretty impressive. It delivers its promise. No dandruff for me. And leave locks shiny and sweet, you might find yourself or your beau sniffing your hair more often.

Nivea DNAge Cell Renewal Anti-age Hand Care

Cold temperature in the office and frequent washing dries my hands so I tried this hand lotion thinking I'd put it in my bag since i wash my hand too when at mall or restaurant.



Leaves hand slightly oily, satiny feel. The consistency is runny that i dont have to squeeze the bottle, just tilt it and the lotion will come out.

See how runny it is? i just poured some on my hand and it run down my hand. So i thought i cannot put this in my bag, it might spill all over when the flip top cover accidentally snapped off. It ended up a lotion I put beside my bed since I moisturize my hand before going to sleep,. Moisture freak, but seriously I've a worst case of dry skin on body (but normal to oily on face). My skin itches when dry

As to efficacy, after religiously using it, the lines on my hand minimized, it is brighter and even toned. A good investment I'd say. But nothing dramatic change or spectacular at once effect, you will have to wait.

Will I repurchase? hhmm, You know I don't stick in one product otherwise I wouldn't have anything to review. But I can recommend it to you guys. For a price of P219.75 (when I bought this), it's cheap enough.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

ZEN Greenteas & Olive Organic Body Scrub

I've been roadtesting several organic products now, from shampoos, soaps to lotions. ZEN is one of brandname I hoarded products from. BTW ZEN is different from Zen Zest.



Iluveet! I'ts a foaming scrub. To be used in liu of our bathsoap once or twice a week. No it doesn't bubble, its like washing your skin with cream cleanser. It uses apricot seeds and green tea leaves as exfoliant.

Smells so much like my Elizabeth Arden Green Tea perfume. Leaves skin invigorated, cleansed whithout the raw feeling unlike some other salt scrub I've used. Skin feels so pampered. I can actually use this everyday! **wish**.. Im addicted! Green tea + olive extract +EVO + Vit E combo, how can we not love it! Antioxidant and super skin moisturizer.

A must try, indeed!

Clinique Super City Block SPF40

I’ve tried VMV sunblock and I find it really good and effective but the kikay blogger me of course must venture to other products. So I checked Clinique and found this.

Claim: (Click to enlarge)


The boosted level of anti-oxidant takes this to the next level. I can use this even without moisturizer prior and my skin won’t get dry. Slips on skin easily and really gets easily absorbed. And finally, a sunblock that is safe for use around the eyes, so no need for separate sunblock for face and eye area. It looks like tinted moisturizer coz of the color but it leaves a sheer dewy feel. Plus it’s a good base for make-up, my make-up didn’t cake.

I didn’t develop millias or bumps, no sting or redness of course its Clinique one of the best hypo-allergenic product out there.

Priced at P1,450. If you have oily skin, this will serve as moisturizer and sunblock in one. This can replace my VMV(for face) and Shiseido (for eye area) tandem, it will save me money.



VMV Superskin3

Spring Cleansing Purifying Wash

Consistency is similar to cetaphil but feels richer and thicker. It does leave skin hydrated and velvety soft. Hypoallergenic so you can never go wrong. Plus the Monolaurin will disinfect and kill acne causing bacteria. A good facial wash for me that is not as expensive as Clinique which offers same hypo-allergenic philosophy.

Clyndamycin Phosphate, Retinoic Acid Toner

Clyndamycin is antibiotic used to treat acne.

Retinoic Acid is a a derivative of Vitamin A that’s used as anti-acne and prevention of signs of photoageing

Together it is found to work faster and more effective. Although both compound causes photo sensitivity so a good sunblock is a must.

Overall my experience was good. Reasonably priced (I forgot though how much but definitely cheaper than Clinique, my other HG product). Heals breakouts and calms the skin from irritation and redness.