Friday, August 27, 2010

Braces,.. again!

I'm sporting braces again! I had it on when I was in college. Had it removed right after graduation. My teeth were aligned already. Till Y2006 my wisdom tooth started to come out little by little, pushing my teeth on both side to slide forward. It overlapped my front teeth and started to push it inward. Gets? hehe, here's my teeth would look like on pics..
Camwhoring before sleep

Well, each day I feel my teeth is moving, it's getting worse, I know the feeling already of the teeth moving coz of my braces before. I was hesitant at first and wanted to back-out but i made a down payment already during my consultation. It reminded me of my experience before. I always have mouth sores due to allergy on the metal of the braces. So I always put wax as barrier. Brushing teeth is tedious than the usual. It was painfull, sometimes rubber is attached connecting the lower brace to upper brace so it restricts mouth opening. Rubber on braces often snaps-off, brackets detached from the tooth enamel, in short it was agony. I never understand why some (majority of) people find braces as sosyal (high-class). I hated it, i just got used to it. Pictures sometimes are ugly too, its like my teeth were dark.

Anyweys, I have to or else my teeth will get worse,. My allergies tamed down, some are gone already. I've worst case allergy even when I was a child. To name a few: Dust, metals other than gold, and chlorine in our tap water! Yes, every after bath I have red patches all aver my face and body. It was hella itchy. I've used emollient soaps (like dove and caress) and mild soaps (like J&J and Ivory) but I'm still all red. But now I can wear silver and fashion earrings (and Im chlorine tolerant as well) so hopefully i wont get allergic reaction on my braces anymore.

So here's me camwhoring the moment I got home. Need to practice my smile too for a nice angle. Make-up needs modification too. It made my already pouty lips look bigger so no lipgloss for me from now on.

Here's me now,.. sporting green eyeshadow..

Enjoy the long weekend ladies,...

Monday, August 23, 2010

The hostage drama that recently happened to our dear country was really heart breaking,.

I cant help but react too on some comments I've been reading on polls and Facebook,. So I just wanna repost my Facebook shoutout,...

Quite a many people are calling "Where's PNOY on this hostage drama, why didn't he stand at Luneta to make negotiation end",. C'mon it's not a president's job to negotiate with this crazy person,. Comparable to chess board game, ang KING ay hindi ipinapain sa Pawns,.

Many people are also condoning the PNPs on how crappy they handled the situation. At the end of it all I still commend them for not thinking the same way as some commentators think,. Open fire and throw teargas to end the hostage taker's drama. Had they done that no one would have survived.

Wala daw kwenta ang SWAT natin, kulang sa training,. blame that on the previous administration. Puro corruption ang ipinamanang value sa lahat ng sangay ng ating pamahalaan. I cannot blame them. I pity them instead, I hope our soldiers and policemen get the right training they need and deserve to hopefully allow them to serve our country better. As PNOY said, lets do everything PARA SA PAGBABAGO. I did not vote for him last election, but since he's there already, I give him my support and pray that he will really lead our country the better way...

I still have high hopes for our country. Kaya kung sama-sama..