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DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

I so want Shu Uemura cleansing oil, but got interested with DHC oil when I read this:

DHC's Deep Cleansing Oil will gently strip away the toughest of make-up and excess oils in your skin while removing dirt and impurities from your pores.

This particular product is one of DHC's best selling items in 2007. It is immensely popular with Japanese women, many of whom swear that its make-up removal capabilities are second to none!

One of the secrets to this product's cleansing power is the combination of natural components such as Virgin Olive Oil, Rosemary extract, Licorice extract, and Vitamin E as part of its formula. The combination of these ingredients makes for an effective make-up remover and also general skin cleanser.

Directions of Use
As a Cleanser

1. Make sure your hands and face are dry, then apply approximately 2 presses worth of Deep Cleansing Oil into the palm of your hand.

2. Lightly rub your hands together to evenly spread the oil, then lightly apply the oil to your face.

3. Gently massage the oil into your skin using upward circular motions where possible, for approximately 1 minute, then thoroughly rinse your face with luke-warm water.

Note: Massaging the oil in a heavy-handed manner, for a long time (longer than one minute), using with wet hands or face may result in lessened effects of the Deep Cleansing Oil.

As a Make-up Remover

1. Apply a small amount to a cotton puff or appropriate make-up removal cloth.

2. Gently but firmly wipe away your make-up, taking care not to rub or be too firm. Use long fluid motions, going over the same area as required.

3. To remove mascara, you may find it useful to use the cotton pad in conjunction with a cotton bud with some of the Deep Cleansing Oil applied to it. Place the cotton pad beneath your lashes and starting at the base of your eyelashes, wipe the mascara off gently.

4. Thoroughly rinse your face with luke-warm water.

To help treat blackheads and the build-up of impurities

1. After having completed the make-up removal stage (if applicable), place a warm towel over your face for approximately a minute or so. This will open up your pores and allow the Deep Cleansing Oil to more effectively clear out your pores.

2. Follow the steps to using this product as a Cleanser to reduce and prevent blackheads from forming.

I immediately went to MUA to search for some feedback. I realized im late to discover this and many gals worldwide has actually tried this. The rating was fare enough at 78% rating of approval (some prestige products get as low as 40% rating).. I read the comments most common negative feedback is that they brokeout coz they find it greasy and leaves oily residue. I think what’s wrong with their routine is not soaping their face after. They just rely on DHC then rinse it off, then that’s it.

What I do is after rinsing it off with water (running h2o not luke warm) I still use cyleina Black pearl after but this time I soap my face once only. I always soap my face twice before (Cyleina BP and other cyleina variant that I feel like using) , I use heavy moisturizer at night anyways (La mer).


The oil is nice to lather on face, no oily feeling like VCO. It saves me cotton balls (I use with VCO) and tissue (to wipe off excess VCO before rinsing). I also save on soap since Im down on using Black pearl solely. After rinsing with water, skin feels soft and supple that im tempted not to soap my face anymore. I think I can stop here but im really OC.. LOL…

It melted off mascara no, stain the following morning, I intentionally use my fashion21 brown mascara since this always smudge on my undereye the following morning no matter how I rub VCO on my lashes.

No bad reactions, amazing I’ll say.. There’s this one testimony in MUA that says at first it did fine with her but after a week of using it she had breakouts, enlarge pores and her face got irritated.

I’ll get back to you a week later to prove it myself..

RATING: to follow..

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