Friday, October 31, 2008

Aromaleigh haul

The foundie gives a very natural finish. The illuminator finishing powder is just so-so to me but am loving divine radiance.. gives the radiance or shiny finish I love. Metamorphosis is great too in brightening your face,. When im haggard in work I apply a thin layer of this and I look refreshed in an instant.

Cheek glisten is good as radiance. I don’t know but im not raving so much about Utra-resolution fin-pow… perhaps I’ll appreciate this if I’ll be having a major pictorial..

Like everybody’s raving the eye shadows are really worth your bucks,.. I got a sample of lollypop nourishing crème, nice enough,. Comparable to EDM glosses..

I’d sure be buying FS of their ES, blushes, divine radiance, metamorphosis. I’d prolly get a FS of URFP too for the sake of having one,. It’s a rave anyway…

FOTD: (All Aromaleigh)



Illuminator finpow

Twinkle perle powder

Clear URFP


Purple princess

Le mystere #83


Lollypop creme

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Dreamworld Foundation Buffet

I was about to order the mulberry line of Dreamworld when I saw the tab for this,। I thought it was like a foundie kit with a twist and was surprised that it was another foundie formula॥ (as described in the site):

Have you ever wanted to wear a foundation for a special event, where you have wanted to look young and dewy? But you didn't have anything like this available?

Well, the foundation buffet can help you with this...

Like a food buffet, which allows you to make choices in food, the foundation buffet will let you make choices in what you want to put into your foundation....

There will be multiple choices of additives, along with 2 choices in foundations.

The foundations available will be custom blend only and the only way you can order them is if you know the color in my color choices. There will be a titanium free foundation and a zinc free foundation...since those are 2 areas that ladies do have trouble with from time to time.

The pages of the additions will explain more in depth what is needed to order.

So if you like shimmer, sparkle, and undertones out of the norm in your foundations..this is the place you will find them. If you want actives added to your foundation...such as calcium, magnesium, or vit E...this is where you will find them...

And what's nice is shipping time won't be delayed, since they will be available for you to buy and add yourself when you want or need you can change out your foundation daily as you want to

Hmm,॥ oh, my wallet…।

The body shop Mineral Make-up Line

I saw TBS MMU are now on stores.. they’re on sale right now so the last time so a foundie will cost Php900++ but retails on Php1000++ ($25 more or less) .

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Titanium Dioxide (24.4%). INGREDIENTS: Kaolin, Illite. May Contain: Mica, Iron Oxides.

Cheek colors ($18) are available in shades of pink quarts, golden terracotta, warm copper, brown topaz..

Eye colors ($13) have a handful of collection too.. all in neutral colors,.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS:Mica, Illite. [+/- CI 77891, CI 77499, CI 77491, CI 77492].


The earth’s purest minerals

Best if you want to: Achieve a healthy, radiant complexion with ultra-fine minerals that blend evenly to protect skin and reduce redness and imperfections.

Best for: suitable for sensitive skin, provides light to medium coverage

How it works:

  • Kaolin clay and Mediterranean clay are absorbent minerals that provide long-lasting coverage.
  • Mica adds luster and has light-diffusing properties to help disguise fine lines and pores.
  • Titanium dioxide and iron oxide protect skin from the sun without clogging pores.
  • Dermatologist-tested with no added fillers, preservatives or fragrances.

Cheek colors ($18) are available in shades of pink quarts, golden terracotta, warm copper, brown topaz..

Eye colors ($13) have a handful of collection too.. all in neutral colors,.


I didn’t road test the set.. by looking at the ingredient list they are quit minimalist unless they didn’t list all of the fillers used.. The color selection are very limited plus they don’t sell samples but you get to test them on counters.. Price is comparable to MMU we buy online (minus the shipping costs and turn-around time (TAT)॥

Great for those that aren’t into online shopping

Will I buy one: I need to sample them first

They also have their kabuki brush to go with their MMU line,. This is so soft,. Comparable to lumiere and EDM brushes.. It look so polished and well crafted.. just lovely… costs Php1000++ too.. hmm reasonably priced too,. Might grab this baby to add to my collection of brushes…

IQUAD The works .. Ruby Collection … Extreme Glitter

I am so inlove with BareEscentual queen Phyllis that I decided to get myself (last year) the whole kit of IQUAD The works from sephora as a christmas gift to myself॥ By far it is my favorite shadow since the colors are really lovely, I’ve been sampling around mineral make-up to see an exact dupe of this but they haven’t capture the brilliance if this baby.. The colors are as follows:

Use your imagination to have a natural look to dramatic look..

Now im lemming for their new collection….

Mineral Rocks… Extreme Glitter ($32)

Bare Escentuals Extreme Glimmers Kit contains 100% pure bareMinerals Extreme Glimmers for bedazzling, vibrant pigments with mega-watt sparkle. The rich hues illuminate your eyes with incredibly colorful prismatic effects. Uniquely creamy and air-like, these long-wearing eye colors give you a look that will last all night. Plus, Prime Time Eyelid Primer maximizes the color intensity and staying power of bareMinerals with its preservative-free formula.

Includes a 0.01 oz bareMinerals Extreme Silver Eye Color, a 0.01 oz bareMinerals Extreme Plum Eye Color, a 0.01 oz bareMinerals Extreme Bronze Eye Color, an Extreme Glimmer Brush, and a 0.05 oz starter size Prime Time Eyelid Primer.

Gem Collection.. Ruby Collection ($54)

Bare Escentuals Ruby Collection is infused with real ruby powder to enhance your beauty with the same authentic, fascinating qualities of the ruby. These 100% pure bareMinerals eye and face colors capture the vitality of ruby gemstones. The warm color palette of this collection, including brushes and a lip polish, provides you with a daily dose of luxury and a naturally radiant way to express the real you.

Includes bareMinerals Ruby Radiance All-Over Face Color (pink rose) infused with ruby, bareMinerals Golden Ruby Eye Color (peach gold) infused with ruby, bareMinerals Vintage Ruby Eye Color (rose fawn) infused with ruby, bareMinerals Wild Ruby Liner Shadow (plum chocolate) infused with ruby, Double-Ended Classic Black Mascara & Ruby Beautifully Luminous Lashes, Ruby Buxom Big & Healthy Full Color Lip Polish (jeweled mauve), a Soft Sweep Cheek Brush with custom handle, a Double-Ended Tapered Shadow & Eyeliner Brush with custom handle, and a stylish faux-crocodile Ruby Clutch.

Ohhh,. I wish its Christmas time already!!!

Lauress Minimalist

“Minimalist is the perfect way to describe this luxurious foundation. With only 4 ingredients (5 depending on color), this formula meets the needs of even the most sensitive skin. A synergistic blend of minerals provides a silky lightweight feel, a soft matte finish, and buildable coverage, without over-drying, or feeling chalky. Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide provide UV protection while mica reflects light to give a soft focus finish without adding glitter or sheen. Perfectly balanced for those who have experienced problems with other mineral foundations that contained too much Zinc Oxide, too much Mica, too much Titanium Dioxide, or too many other added ingredients. The Minimalist foundation is the simplest blend with extraordinarily beautiful results.”

Offers light coverage with ultra light feeling.. perfect for outdoors/everyday look.. finish is so natural like your not wearing any at all..

Here’s a simple FOTD for a natural look. I’ll be going to the mall. It’s a little hot outside so I want my make-up simple. I need oil control so I used Lauress fantastic finish as finpow..


Lauress Minimalist

Lauress Fantastic Finish

BE Warmth


Lure beauty 50’ twist lip glaze


Babydoll powdered sugar (used as liner)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Prebuy Special: New CHARM Travel Pro Brush Set

I am so getting one myself..

1. Mini Dual Fibre Brush
2. Mini Powder Brush
3. Mini Angled Blush Brush
4. Mini Flat Liner Brush ( for easy , beginner eyelining )
5. Mini Eye Contour Brush ( for crease color )
6. Mini Pencil Brush ( for outer V eyeshadow colouring )
7. Mini Crease Blending Brush ( for eyeshadow application )
8. Mini Concealer Brush
9. Mini Eyebrow Brush
10. Mini Pointed Eyeliner Brush
11. Mini Spoolie Brush ( for brow groming)
12. Mini Lipliner brush

Prebuy Price : P1,500.00 / Intl Orders : $38.00

order now until November 5, 2008, and get the following perks :
1. Free shipping ( anywhere in the Philippines )
2. Free mineral duo ( pick two minerals from Monave/Valerie Beauty)
3. 10% discount on any makeup brushes ( aside from the Pro Brush Set ) on the website

Here’s her link: