Saturday, April 25, 2009

Missha M Perfect Cover BB SPF42 PA+++


Verdict: Shade is a little off. A little dark and beige-y that I need to tweak it with my MMU. But the finish is really nice, I’d say comparable to Lauress Ethereal, but more dewy. It leaves the skin soft and smooth looking. Skin really radiates and looks healthy. You have to blend well and wait for it to warm up on skin to see its fantastic finish. Except for the shade, the finish was excellent, I almost loved it, I was about to ditch my MMUs for this.

But it’s not working for me. It gives me bumps and whiteheads. Gives me little itch when using this. I’ve read some feedbacks that manifest same reaction. They stopped until their face cleared and tried using it again until their skin get accustomed with it. So I’m not giving up yet on this.
For the mean time im using it on eye area, we don’t get bumps and whiteheads on eyearea don’t we?.. I really find this a good base for my concealer since it makes eyearea soft, refreshed and hydrated. My eyearea doesn’t look haggard when tired due to much pc exposure. Concealer blends well, as if its really natural. And since Missha is tinted already, its easier to conceal dark circles but again shade needed to be tweaked. I stopped using shiseido for the mean time (I intend to save this for outing and swimming days). I really love this for eye area, with all the promise of anti-aging anti-wrinkle coupled by some testimonies of lightening dark circles, it’s really something to look forward to.
I’m also using this on neck area so I can skimp my sunblock and so I won’t waste money by just ditching this. Again I don’t think I’ll get acne on neck area. I’ll give it a fair months of observation before I give my rating and final review.


Chrissy said...

Hi there! Where did you get this? I'm interested. Thanks for the mini review of sorts on it. Haha. My mmu (Ellana) is making me break out :/

I also really need to find a good foundation/finishing powder. Sigh.

shatzlaine said...

I bought it on multiply account..