Sunday, April 24, 2011

Beach Hut Hair and Scalp SPF20

If we protect our skin from the sun, we've gotta do it for our hair too . It's always been our habit (or should I say, It's a must) that we put conditioner on our hair before diving into the pool or the beach. It will not only lessen the damage from chlorine and seawater but also makes our hair easier to comb after the abuse. Sadly that's just what it do, prevent too much tangle. But it doesn't actually protect our hair from the sun hence, our hair is left coarse , and become freezy days after.



That's the advantage of this product. Not only it keeps our hair moisturized and soft, it actually protects hair from the sun (and chlorine).

I've used this last year and had proven its efficacy. I've digipermed and colored my hair so its really susceptible to damage. Amazingly, my hair was in perfect condition even after several swimming trips. It was never dry, didn't lost luster nor had i seen split ends. Another plus point for this is that, usage is not restricted on pools or beach. For days that I'll be basked in the sun like going to theme park, picnic or out of towns, I also spray this in my hair since my hair loses luster and gets dry if fried under the sun.

The finish depends of course on how much you put on your hair. for swimming purposes i definitely go gaga on spraying this focusing more on the ends and don't forget the scalp. It gives me the wet look, beach hair effect. For non-water activities, I just spray enough to cover the top part and spray on the inner part too. Sure It'll weigh down hair and give oily look on hair, but hey, I'd be putting it on low pony do anyweys, I dont think I'll ride the roller coaster nor would go on windy out of town spot with my hair all down. Did that once and I looked like I haven't combed for years. Or maybe I'm just not blessed with "balik ayos" hair.

Be warned though, that after shampooing, hair sometimes is still oily. Naturally, it's an oil and really requires shampooing twice to get rid of the goo. I don't shampoo my hair twice in one shower session, its too harsh for hair. I't wont hurt to sport that extra sheen on hair anyweys.

Another must have for summer season.

tata for now ladies!..

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sunplay Superblock SPF130 PA+++

I just came back from our outing and I just cant wait to rave about this baby!.



True to claim, its got watery texture that spreads nicely and thinly and get absorbed right away. It is by far the most lightweight and non-greasy sunblock I've tried! It didn't sting my face or gave me red patches and rashes like what I used to get from high SPFs. Love the fact too that it lends a clear and refresh look as oppose to other sunblock that lends me dewy finish but darkens on my face coz I'm acidic that i need to top it off with powder to control shine and achieve a refreshed look. With sunplay, I didn't have to mattify it with powder.

Also the size of the tube was deceiving. When I bought this, I thought to myself, its small and will be good for few applications only, which is good coz I really dont finish up a whole tube for the whole summer. Since the consistency is thin and watery, it covers more skin area hence we tend to use less. That way its economical and I should say, a true value for money.

It didn't create a white cast on me too

without flash

with flash

Now the Con's of course there's no perfect product, nor is there any one-product-fits-all kinda' thing. While it tamed the shine on my face, It's a little drying on my skin. Sure it spreads easily and gets absorbed and feels smooth, but as I leave it longer, I feel my skin tightening, Yup, its drying my skin (Well, coz I've bad case of dry skin dilemma). As for others this might not arise as an issue. Second, it didn't state on the packaging if its safe for use around eye area especially that its got a super high SPF. Well, if its drying for my body, then maybe its gonna be drying for my eye area too. I just used my trusted clinique sunblock for my peepers anyweys.

My only mistake perhaps is that I didn't wait for it to settle on my skin. We've always been informed that we need to wait for 30 minutes to stabilized it before basking in the sun. Since the direction on the packaging was silent about it, It slipped my mind As I usually use Nivea immediate protection, just minutes after applying it, I jumped into the pool, and there, I see my sunblock running down my skin, and the worst, it stung my eyes big time!

Well, over all I didn't see my color changed. (think) my skin didn't darkened much. Most of all it's one sunblock you can for long sun exposure related activities. Its light, wont clog pores and most of all, I didn't smell like screaming SUNBLOCK!. Got t idea? Scent is faint, you wont even notice its got one.

So that's it,. one summer adventure down, and there's more cookin'.

tata for now ladies!..

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mini Lush Haul

Lush is one product I've tried many years ago, even before I started blogging. Just like everybody else what caught my attention to the store is the scent that you get to sniff even if your 1 to 2 stores away from Lush store itself.

Although the stray kikay blogger me must venture to other (cheaper) products, so I tried other organic products like Bynature handmade soap, Venus and Mars, Human Heart and nature, etc. . Now that reminds me of my lots of pending review. Geesh, too bad I wasn't able to recover anymore the lost files in my previous PC.

Nweys, no reviews yet, just eye candies of my recent Lush hauls,..

Therephy Massage Bar

Foam a Friend soap stack (Sultana Soap, Sexy Peel) and a Freebie which I forgot the name, but its amongst the limited edition, so I guess I wont be seeing this in store anymore..)

Helping Hands

Dream Cream

That's it,..

Have a nice day ladies!..

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Real or Not,. it scared me,..

Just read this in the forum.. i was shocked! My eyes got teary, perhaps coz it scared the hell out of me,. I seldom ride jeepneys, but still I DO! Specially on short rides only,. And I always prefer the half empty ones as opposed to full pack-only-one-butt-cheek-can-sit.

So guys beware,

Commuters MUST read this.

Hindi ako makapaniwalang may mga tao talagang handang pumatay para lang makuha yung mga materyal na bagay na gusto nila o siguro dala na ng desperasyon kung paano makakatawid ng gutom.

Kwinento sakin ‘to nung kaibigan ko kanina:

Papunta sila ng kaibigan niya sa CEU kahapon para sunduin yung isa pa nilang kaibigan. Sumakay sila ng jeep sa may bandang Ortigas. Pagsakay nila, konti lang yung mga pasaherong nakasakay. Mag-jowang magkayakap, isang matandang babae, sila, tapos yung driver. Sa may bandang likod sila nakaupo. Yung mag-jowa yung nasa may bandang unahan ng jeep. Nakasandal si ate kay kuya na parang natutulog tapos si kuya nakayakap kay ate. Yung matandang babae naman nasa may bandang gitna. Inaabot na nung kaibigan ko yung bayad niya dun sa lalaki pero hindi siya pinapansin kaya yung matandang babae na lang yung nagabot ng bayad. Yung matandang babae din yung nagabot ng sukli sa kanila.

Napansin na din nila nung mga oras na yun na ang sama ng tingin ng driver sa kanila. So medyo nagtataka na din sila. Mayamaya, biglang sinabi sa kanila nung matandang babae na bumaba na sila. So lalo silang naguluhan kung saan mas matatakot. Sa manong driver na masama yung tingin o sa aleng bigla na lang nagyayayang bumaba ng jeep. Hindi na din sila nagisip tapos bumaba na sila ng jeep.

Pagkababa nila ng jeep, sinabi sa kanila nung matandang babae kung bakit. Buti na lang daw hindi sila nagtanong kung bakit. Sabi nung matandang babae patay na daw yung babaeng nasa jeep. Hindi daw mag-jowa yung dalawa. Kaya nakasandal si ate kay kuya tsaka nakayakap si kuya kay ate kasi may nakasaksak kay ate na ice pick. Kaya hindi din inaabot ni kuya yung bayad. Napansin din daw ni ale na medyo nangingitim na yung bandang leeg ni ate. Kaya din daw siguro masama yung tingin ni manong driver sa kanila kasi baka binabalaan na din silang bumaba.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Celeteque Advanced Anti-wrinkle Light Cleansing Oil

When I first saw this on the magazine, I was like ‘Sswweeettt’… I know celeteque comes on cheap price tag. So I’m sure this is under a thousand bucks only. I was thinking, this could be a cheaper version of Shu Uemura cleansing Oil.

So when I saw it at the mall I immediately grabbed one.



So the instruction was just to massage it on face or use it using cotton pad and rinse. So I did. I slathered it on my face, massaged it to lift grime and dirt, then rinsed my face, I was shocked, it didn’t turn to milky substance. It felt like it didn’t got rinsed off. So I immediately grabbed a tissue paper to remove excess oil before finally soaping my face.

I thought to myself, this can be used for Oil cleansing method.

Nevertheless, I still soaped my face and put on my moisturizer. Amazingly in the morning, at work, my skin is dewy. I love the glow it gives. My skin usually turns oily and looks stressed at the end of the day, but using this, my skin just glow and is dewy. Not my imagination coz my officemate noticed it too.

I tried using it, the-Oil cleansing method-way sans the steaming part. I just massage it on my face, wipe with tissue paper. Put a tiny drop of oil in my palm that’s ran on faucet (to dilute the oil), then pat on my face and leave it overnight. The oily feel don’t freak me out since I used to put Emu oil as night moisturizer before. But the OC in me, shrieks the idea that I had not washed my face. Well, it gave the same result anyway.

I think this is one promising product. Not overhyped and most importantly, minus the high price tag.

As for the anti-wrinkle effect, I think oil alone wont do it. You would need to slather on your anti-ageing moisturizer by the morning. But it does make skin soft, moisturized and dewy.

So what exactly is the “REAL” Oil cleansing method?

(Taken from the internet)

The Oil Cleansing Method

Oil dissolves oil. Do not be afraid of applying oil to your face. Oil, alone, will not bring you blemishes. Pimples, cysts, zits, blackheads, whiteheads...these are a result of several different factors including hormones, bacteria, dead skin cells and the buildup of these factors. Your skin naturally produces oil because it needs it. Not only does your natural oil help lubricate, it also heals, protects, and moisturizes your skin so that it may function properly. Properly functioning skin is beautiful, clear, and glowing.

We will need two oils. The first, and most importantly, is Castor Oil. Castor Oil has potent anti-inflammatory properties, but is also healing and cleansing. "Castor oil will leave the body in better condition than it found it." A little bit of Castor Oil goes a long way and too much will leave you, surprisingly, with dry skin.

Since Castor Oil is so thick and its cleansing properties so strong, we need to dilute it with another oil, thinner in consistency, like Extra Virgin Oil or Sunflower. Both are wonderfully caring oils for skin application, but I've found that Sunflower Seed Oil has a more luxurious feel for massage. It sinks into the skin better, aiding the castor oil in transportation deep into the pores and allowing it to draw the dirt and grime to the surface of your skin. The essential fatty acids help restore the skins natural moisture balance and help prevent unnecessary dryness. The secondary oil that you choose is entirely up to you and should be determined by your skins needs and the properties of that oil.

Your Personal Oil Blend

The starting point for creating your own, personalized skin cleansing oil blend is knowing your general skin type. Those with dry skin will want less Castor Oil. Those with oily skin will want to blend in more. Finding your perfect combination of oils will probably take a little bit of trial and error, so start with very small batches. Once you know what your ratio of oils looks like, you'll be able to blend much more at a time for convenience.

Some suggestions in creating your blend of deep cleansing oil:

§ Oily Skin: Try a blend of 30% Castor Oil to 70% Sunflower Seed Oil.

§ Balanced Skin: Try a blend of 20% Castor Oil to 80% Sunflower Seed Oil.

§ Dry Skin: Try a blend of 10% Castor Oil to 90% Sunflower Seed Oil.

The Oil Cleansing Method

This is typically done in the evening, prior to bed. There should be no need for deep cleansing in the morning if you're waking up with skin cleansed the night before. In the morning, a quick wipe with a warm washcloth should suffice. We don't want to overcleanse our skin as this will serve only to irritate and cause more oil production. The objective of using this method is to deep clean while balancing our skins oil production at the same time.

§ You'll need a soft washcloth, your oil blend, and hot, running water.

§ Pour a generous puddle of oil into the palm of your hand. Roughly, the size of a quarter, but more is acceptable. Rub your hands together to warm the oil and smooth over your face.

§ Begin massaging the oil into your face. Massage the oil deeply into your pores. This will remove makeup, dirt, and other impurities, so there is no need to use a makeup remover or wash your face prior to the massage. This removes even stubborn waterproof mascara and concealer.

§ Once you're satisfied that your pores are saturated, pick up your washcloth and soak it in clean, steamy water. We want the water to be warm enough to open your pores and remove the oil. Cool water will not open your pores, nor will it remove the oil efficiently. We're not scalding our skin, we're steaming to coax our pores to release the oil carrying the impurities.

§ Hold the washcloth to cover your face. Allow it to stay until it cools. Wipe the oil gently away and rinse the washcloth well in hot, running water. Repeat three or four more times. Avoid any temptation to scrub, as you'll find your skin will be soft, smooth, and free of flakes without the additional manual exfoliation.

§ Have no fear of the oil, as the steamy washcloth will remove it. The Castor Oil, though it is an oil, will help with the removal of the other oils, as well. It is our main cleansing oil and is easily removed with warm water.

§ If your skin feels tight, take a tiny drop of your oil blend, rub it between your clean, damp palms and pat it onto your damp skin. Gently massage any oil residue into your skin so there is no film of oil left sitting on the surface. Your skin should now glow!

§ This deep cleansing method should be done regularly, but not too frequently. You'll know if you're deep cleansing too frequently by the dryness that your skin will exhibit. Don't be surprised if you find you've unblocked an oil flow for the first few days. Once you remove the plugs from your pores, they will begin functioning properly again. Perfect skin won't happen overnight and while it should take a few massages to achieve your goal, you should notice a huge difference in your skin after the first deep cleansing massage. Give your skin a few days to adjust and adapt to being clean and clear of blockages; understand that the new oil coming from your skin is actually a good sign and will balance out very shortly. You'll find redness and irritation subsiding. You'll find your skin losing that "congested," and thick feeling.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

LC Pre-order

After putting up my For Sale pre-owned bags, opportunity came at once to finally start my heart's long desire. To finally open my own bag selling site. With the help of my partner Jo Ann, we are on our very first Longchamp Pre-order.

We feature many styles especially those 'Hot items of the moment' such as:

Tree of Life

So that's what's keeping me busy these days aside from work, and... =)

Wish us well ladies,. Do visit our Fb account:!/album.php?id=100002140677473&aid=17231

Thursday, March 17, 2011

I've been a bag addict since I was in Highschool. I remember back then, that the last day of our classes turns to an "Arbor Day." It's when everyone gets to barter their stuff for other's. I usually "Arbor" (ask for) BAGS!.. And in return I give away BAGS too that, i dont wanna use anymore.

When I started working and my lemmings turned expensive to just give them away, I started to re-sell my pre-loved bags to friends and network.

So with that i finally decided to open a multiply account beforehand, then lately a facebook account.

Please check my site for some good finds.

I've added the badge on the right side of my blogg, just click it otherwise its:

Here are just samples of eye candies you'll find on my site...