Sunday, February 22, 2009

Dove Beauty Body Moisturizer

The moisture freak me,. I’ve many body lotions that needs to finish to the last drop (i’ll try to post them sooner)..

Here's one from Dove..


I find this good. Moisturizes skin but sinks better to skin compared to body butter. I use this as hand lotion whenever I abuse my skin with water and soap like washing my brushes. Scent is very mild, close to the dove soap.

Rate: 5/5

Shea Body Butter and Olive body butter

My favorite body butter in the Body Shop. I usually use them a t night before bed time.

Shea Body Butter

Verdict: For Very Dry skin type since it’s very moisturizing or for night use only. Love the smell kinda expensive though but I think its worth the bucks its just there are cheaper alternative. I keep on going back to this one though..

Rating: 4/5

Olive body butter

Verdict: For normal to dry skin. Can be use during the day since I dont find it that heavy. I don’t like the smell.. I prefer the Shea butter

Rating: 4/5

Watsons Facial Mask

My attention was caught when they indicated that it made sorta huge sales in other countries (dunno how true the claim is) but I still bought one for myself. Both pretty cheap at P50.00 only..

Green Tea Essence anti-oxidant facial mask

Verdict: Nothing extraordinary for me, No allergic reaction. Good for normal to oily skin since it doesn’t leave a heavy cream like finish.

Rating: 3/5

Birds Nest Facial Mask


Verdict: This one I like. Heavier and more moisturizing for me. Leaves skin more resilient nad glowing as it claims. Im buying one again,.

Rating: 4/5

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


New product to watch out for at Sephora.. Seems like many is going mineralize nowadays..

AGELESS MINÉRALE WITH WHITE SAPPHIRE COMPLEX - Skin-Transforming Mineral Powder Foundation SPF 21
What it is:
A skin-transforming mineral powder foundation with SPF 21.

What it does:
Lancôme AGELESS MINÉRALE WITH WHITE SAPPHIRE COMPLEX Skin-Transforming Mineral Powder Foundation SPF 21 contains 100% mineral pigments to cover imperfections and visibly erase pores and lines, without settling into creases, for a flawless, ageless look. The Lancôme innovation: skin-renewing White Sapphire Complex helps fight visible signs of aging so skin looks brighter, is revived, and feels softer for hours.

What else you need to know:
This product is gentle on the skin and is free of talc, oil, and fragrance.

Available in 8 shades

Sunday, February 8, 2009

In2It Light Reflecting Liquid Eyeliner

Comes in different color: black, dark blue, brown, green, purple, light blue. Comes in a nylon brush that lets you play from thin line application to thick bold ones. Stays put, and leaves a shiny/glossy finish. Reasonably priced at around P300..

This is a definite steal!

VMV Armada Face Cover 45



Finally a sunblock that didn’t gave me rashes. True to its claims, weightless even on humid days, opaque finish that’s good as make-up base. Doesn’t sting when applied on, doesn’t have any scent. I didn’t developed whiteheads or blackheads. My face didn’t oil-up Others said that this gives a white cast on face, I think they’re putting a lot, It does brighten the face for me but its not an obvious white mask. They say you have to put much to really get protection. I don’t think it’s necessary for me since I use MMU that is a natural sun protection. I think the price is reasonable at P720.00

Rating: 5/5

Will I buy again? Yes, until I’ve enough courage to splurge on Shishiedo SPF50

Grapeseed Oil Dual Body Oil


A two-layer water based body oil with nutrient-rich grapeseed oil to soothe and moisturize dry skin.

To use, shake well and massage on entire body while damp.


Really non-sticky. Perfect for humid days or summer when I feel the need to apply SPF lotion (this usually gives me a very sticky and hot feeling, imagine body oil + spf lotion). I tend to put much though coz its simply absorbed by my skin. Leaves my skin soft and hydrated minus the oil film. The scemt is refreshing and subtle grape. I hate the cap though, I’ve always hate the push and turn thingy (like that of the medicine caps) You’re suppose to push-turn and turn/twist further to open it. I broke mine and left with the inner cap so ill simply have to turn/twist the cap. Price as usual of high P850++ , if I remember it right, one thing im sure of amongst body oil I’ve used this is by far the most expensive. If price is not an issue for you this is worth a shot..

Rating: 4/5 (coz of the price, otherwise its 5/5)

Will buy again? Every summer I guess, coz I sweat profusely (than others) this will be a great aid for me to feel refreshed.

Fashion21 Haul

I bought these pretty cheap brands,..

Fashion21 mascara

Vedict: Always makes my eyes watery when I’m applying this The scent is just too strong. It sometimes leave stains on the undereye area. It does leaves lashes soft though unlike other mascara. I rarely use this coz it makes my eye red all day coz of stinging. I’ll never buy another one,..

Fashion21 white eyeliner

I usually can pull-off their liners (the Girl’s night out edition) applied on lash line,. It does stay and is on the matte finish. I bought this intending to use it on waterline. Perhaps white isn’t really for me since my waterline is naturally dark brown (I really don’t use eyeliner).. I ended-up giving this to my officemate.. Wont buy another one either

Fashion21 Stick eyeshadow/Liner in Gold

This one creases on my lids, Its just too creamy for me,. I don’t use primer coz I usually can make shadows stay out on my lids even without it. But I found a better use for this.. When on a hurry or if I want a minimalist eye-do, I usually foul my mineral pigments and draw a straight line across my lash line.. But there are times that I’m really in a hurry and that water is not accessible (I’m in my cubicle at office and im in a hurry for presentation) or I’m simply not in the mood for foiling routine. What I do is a draw line using this Stick and tap on pigments.. Tap don’t blend!.. And Voila… It does stay put through out the day

Shot taken by night after a day-long of wearing it..

A pretty cheap alternative to expensive primers and foiling agent.. I’m bound to buy a new one..

Lettuce & Cucumber Water Essence Mask Sheet

Lettuce & Cucumber Water Essence Mask Sheet



Leaves a richer texture than the water drop essence. When I used this mask I just put it right on to my face,. When I pulled it off I was horrified to see embossed line on my entire face. When I checked the mask it has a flat surface and a a criss-cross surface. The package didn’t mentioned it. I’ve used other masks and both surface was flat. There’s this one that’s similar to it, having smooth and rough surface but it did mention on the direction to look for the flat one.. So better check the mask always to be safe. My skin did went back to normal look by morning.

The price again is steep P280 per sheet,. It’s worth a try but not as impressive as other masks though. I think I should have heeded on other variant since I do think this lettuce-cucumber line is for normal skin range. For teenagers I’ll say..

Rate: 3/5

Lettuce Cucumber Water Drop Essence & Mushroom Double Care Cream

Got these freebies from The Skinfood

Lettuce Cucumber Water Drop Essence


Use: After toner, apply essence gently and cover face with hands, for deep absorption.


Very light on skin. Once absorbed you’ll feel nothing, as if I didn’t put anything on my face . Ideal for normal-oily skin,. Not for me though since I need heavier moisture,. Well I guess I can pull this off on summer days where I’d be staying outdoors mostly. This is a good base though for heavy sunblock and make-up..

Rate: 3/5

Mushroom Double Care Cream


Enriched with mushroom extracts, anti-aging retinol, and arbutin to lighten skin tone, this dual-function cream improves the appearance of wrinkles while brightening skin tone.

Use: After lotion, apply cream and rub gently with palms in upward motion to absorb.


The cream’s texture is heavier than the lettuce-cucumber water drop essence.. ideal for normal to dry skin,. The product is easily absorbed by the skin and leaves a velvety smooth feeling. I like this better than the lettuce-cucumber water drop essence. The product looks promising since it claims to be an all-in product you’ll need,. Moisturizer, anti-aging and whitening cream. The price though is steep for me, if I remember it right price tag is almost P3K.. Well, cheaper compared to high-end prods I’ve tried but then I think I won’t shed off that amount on a brand that hasn’t proven itself yet in the market,.

Rate: 4/5