Saturday, April 18, 2009

Nivea Sensitive Balance Cleansing MIlk

I doubted this at first, or perhaps Im so into DHC cleansing oil then. I was at first using too much of this aiming to finish the product sooner since I wasn’t impressed. Why? After massaging this to my face, I need to remove the milk cream with a tissue then use a separate cleanser unlike DHC that is self serving. This really is a good make-up remover though, I see make-up traces on used tissue. I experimented if I can use this like ponds cold cream which you can leave on face after tissue-ing-off. It doesn’t sting while massaging it but after awhile I get the sensation, after removing it the mild sting is still on so I guess I really need to wash it off.


I can use this cleansing milk but that is if I didn’t used make-up, say, the morning I wake up. This way it leaves skin with a bit of sticky feel, not really oily rather hydrated that for those with oily skin can skip the moisturizer part. Doesn’t have any scent and didn’t give me bumps whatsoever so this can pass on hypoallergenic test IMO.

Now past half the bottle, I find myself reaching for this more than DHC cleansing oil. I feel it does soothe skin sensitivities coz I easily get rashes due to heat, dust, smoke pollution, and some brand of MMU. But this cleanser sooths my skin by hastening the recovery. Rashes still surface my skin but not as severe as before and it does heal faster now. I’ll try to stick on this for the mean time since think this will help prevent breakout as I stop my hormone pills.

I see myself buying this wonderful product again.

Rate: 5/5

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this product looks promising :)