Saturday, April 25, 2009

What's in my vanity cabinet - 1st Installment

I mentioned on my previous post that I will unveil what’s in my ‘treasure’ cabinet,. So here’s the first installment..

Presenting what’s inside my cabinet named Lotion..

Well not all really fit in here, that;s why I want a side rack.. So i wont be placing others beside my dresser..

Here’s the one I use in the office.. (it is evident now that I'm not good in keeping my things at the office organized)
Twice to thrice a week I sleep on my grandma’s house (coding days, or when my call time is early) so I stock up some there.. mostly with SPFs for protection since I will be commuting..
Now, had I proven myself to be lotion freak as I mentioned in my Honest Scrap?.... I layer them sometimes with my body oils. And yah, I get frantic whenever I finish up a blottle that I eventually buy a replacement (either same product or others to try) Other lotions I’ve tried before that are worth buying is St. Ives. There’s a lot of variant to choose from and I remember I’ve tried all of them before,..
So that's it.. see you on next installments..


Crystal said...

wow so much lotions! i only have 4 or 5 but i promise to consume at least 2 bottles before i buy another one.

shatzlaine said...

yah,. i feel guilty too,. but cant help but buy new ones.. OMG i think it's an addiction now..

Soapaholic said...

That's a lot of lotions! Funny, I have a huge bottle of Lander exactly like that one, haha it's not that common right?

Chrissy said...

So many lotions!! Haha. I only have 2 or 3...I'm weird, I rarely use lotion. It's so so so bad, I know! But I hate the feeling. :( But I'm going to make myself a skin regimen that I'm going to stick to from now on.

donnarence said...

LOTIONS!! what a collection..i am not into lotions but when i saw your collection it made me drool.. really nice.. :D

shatzlaine said...

* soapaholic - yah i think its not common,. and lander is good for those who doesn't want sticky feel, as for me, im not content with it so i usually add oils on it when using

*Chrissy - i know that feeling,. but im weird really im more comfortable feeling that my whole body is sticky, except perhaps on really hot days or when going out

*donnarence - hi! welcome to my blogg... i'll be frequenting your blogg often,.