Saturday, April 18, 2009

Nivea Sun Immediate Protection

When I saw the commercial for this, I was thrilled coz I usually go out for lunch or field work/meetings. I wanted a sunblock that I wont have to wait long for it to settle since those are on-the-spot lunch-out.

It took me awhile to decide whether to get the SPF 30 of SPF 50 and which variant. There’s two variant too, the white one has got some whitening ingredient while this blue one doesn’t whiten. The breaking point? First, blue or white, I chose the blue one sine I’ve read that SPFs on whitening product is either not that potent or isn’t stable. Second the size, SPF50 doesn't come in small sizes and big size costs around P600 while the small one is around P300 (my thrift mode went on..) I just justified it by thinking that SPF50 might be too sticky for me already and I don’t want that sticky as-if-im-going-to-a-swimming feel.

So I roadtested it. I went on a client and spread the SPF on arms and legs. The scent was heavy for me, it’s the typical Nivea sunblock lotion for swimming scent. It’s a little greasy for me but tolerable. But the nice thing is even if the scent is strong I didn’t have allergic reaction to it which usually happens when I wore heavily scented lotions then I touch my face,. There instant red, itchy marks..

After awhile I felt my skin to be tightening, it signals me that my skin was dried out. My skin is greasy yet wrinkled,. Weird eigh? Perhaps that’s what differentiates the whitening lotion with high SPFs from real water resistant sunblocks, even if it says its got collagen for protection from wrinkling. I find it necessary to still moisturize and that I cannot rely on Nivea Sun alone to hydrate my skin. Five hours later I can still smell its scent on my skin. I thought its great coz its still there working. I didn’t sweat though so perhaps the lotion stay put and that it will not be simply rubbed out on car seats or clothing.

Rate: 4/5 I think it delivers when It comes to sun protection, it just fell short on anti-wrinkling as it claims.

Will I buy again: Yes, good for on-the-spot day activity..

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