Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Getaway Armor

Will be going on vacay,. These are what I choose to arm me from the sun's harmful rays,. SPFs for face, lips, body and hair and an after sun cooling gel ... Will post feedback when I get back!,.

Happy holyweek everyone,.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Major Haul

The bag addict me ended the first quarter of the 2010 with big smile on my face.

The bags I'm lemming (and got them!)....

A Lacoste beach bag

Love that it's sooo spacious! I can stuff 3-4 days volume of clothes.

Another Lacoste bag, errr, Im not good in names, I just remember the look and style..

There's two version of this, the clip on and zippy.. chose the clip on, I think it's got more attitude..

LV speedy 30.. Speedy 25 i think is small for me while the 35 is big already,. been lemming for this for so long, finally bought it..

and a whilshire boulevard in rose pop

Ladies, haven't been updating my site this 2010, see the PC where I store all the pics for blogg review is usually down,. Im lazy to repeat their photoshoot. Anyweys, this past weeks was crazy busy too. Finalizing our bazaar which by the way didn't turn quit nice. See there's this one person who reserved 4 boots for her to rent. On the day of the ingress she kept texting that her SAs are on their wat and that they were stuck in traffic. Then, a no show! We suspect one person who did it. By her wordings on text, etc., anyweys, Karma to the bitch! Seriously, what she did was so bad! We mean business here and we dont mess with others.. Some people just play real dirty!

To add up spice of work-bazaar closing duties, i go to the hospital. My uncle was sick,. I was crying for like two days. I haven't got a good sleep for 3 nights either. I was like a walking zombie at work,. will do my work, what's been told to do,. and that's it. Co-workers will come up to me and say my eyes are so swollen,. But praise God he recovered! I prayed hard for a miracle and He gave it! Still get teary eyed when I remember that. Two lessons I got from this, It is your family who will be there for you when things go soooo bad,. Not your so-called friends who's only there with you in times of socializing! Another thing, know the person really well, they may be good, jolly, bubbly on the facade, but evil lies beneath,.

So there,. I've got four more bag lemmings,. a longchamp, another lacoste (as usual i dont know the name), a neverfull and a hampstead. Not in a hurry to get all of them coz that will burn my wallet. but I know I'll get them...

tata for now!,.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Pre-loved Items, guaranteed authentic, slightly used..

LV Bag (Epi Leather Jasmin Blue)

Asking price is P38,000 (negotiable)
- very slightly used
- bought at P62,000 (with receipt)
- box and dust bag included
- reason for selling - needs storage space

LV Monogram Canvas Popincourt

Asking price is P28,000
- slightly used
- original price - P46,000

Philip Stein Teslar watch

Asking Price is P28,000
- slightly used- original price
- P46,000- waterproof

Please visit my multiply site ( for more pics and better appreciation,.


Saturday, March 6, 2010

Heatwave Bazaar

Our 3rd event, so far,. Once again I'm inviting bazaaristas to join us in this wonderful event,.

Date of Event: March 24-26, 2010

Place: PNB Finacial Center Building, Buendia Lobby - P. Diosdado Macapagal Blvd Pasay City (Beside World Trade Center).

Human Heart and Nature

Human Heart and nature is one of the most raved organic products in the forum that I was reading. And so I tried the coveted Shampoo and conditioner..
The Strenghtening Shampoo

I love that it's organic, leaves hair squeaky clean, hard strands that's hard to comb. Conditioner is really a must!
The Nourishing Conditioner:


Leaves hair soft and smooth. I love that my hair was less oily unlike with the commercial product. It leaves hair naturally bouncy, with less volume, hair is shiny and "bagsak."
Unfortunately this combo gives me the worst dandruff ever. I've finished the bottle hoping my scalp will get used to it, but it didn't. I had to let it go. I love my hair with this, but my scalp was hella itchy.

The Organic cleanser/Make up remover

Beautiful skin starts with a BEE! Honey is an all-in-one skin saver - an excellent moisturizer, rich in anti-oxidants and Vit. C. This cream serves as double purpose: a moisturizer and a gentle make-up remover to keep your skin soft and clean without the irritation.
The instruction says massage a button-sized amount for face and eye-area but I ended up using more. Can be tissued-off or rinse with water either it won't leave skin an oily film.
Unfortunately, again it doesn't do the job good in removing eye make-up and under eye concealer the way Nivea cleansing milk do. But i keep it on my dresser for weekend use, wherein i don't use make-up and I stayed too late in front of my PC that I don't wanna rinse my face anymore before heeding sleep.
It doesn't irritate skin at all. Overall the cocoa butter, beeswax , goat's milk powder, dark honey, bee propolis and vitamin E as its main ingredient makes it a cleanser that's jam-packed with anti-oxidant and will surely do good on your skin, unless of course if you have allergies with any of its ingredient.