Saturday, March 21, 2009

Shiseido Sun Protection Eye Cream

The quest for sunscreen continues, it's summer anyways,. I cannot put VMV on eye area coz it simply dries it and makes lines pretty obvious.


A rich eye-area cream that minimizes the appearance of wrinkles and enhances skin’s radiance while providing protection against UVA/UVB rays.

Minimizes the appearance of UV-induced fine-lines and wrinkles and promotes resilient looking skin.

Concentrated cream texture defends against dryness
Contains Rose Apple Leaf Extract , an antioxidant that prevents the production of free radicals (in vitro test)
Formulated with Light Diffusing Powder to give a brighter look to eye area skin.

PABA free

Dermatologist and Opthalmologist tested.


Take the recommended amount of cream onto fingertip and smooth around.

I put this on top of EL ANR. First application I followed the recommended dosage, and RANT!!! How am I suppose to make my eye area absorb this huge amount of cream,. Darn, I ended up putting using it in my nose area and cheeks,. It was way too plentiful for a small part,. I ended up wasting it and RANT, it doesn’t come cheap, its shiseido for goodness sake,..

NWEYS, It does moisturizes eye area really well, the quest for good eye moisturizer is over!!! So im sure it will live up to its promises of preventing lines (dryness is one culprit of ageing). Plus the fact that its protecting my eye area from UV rays. I was loving it coz it doesn’t make my undereye concelear crease,. It leave a shiny finish without being sticky which I like for no make-up look. It felt lightweight which is good for this scorching hot summer. I didn’t developed milia either. As for minimizing the existing lines, i cannot judge yet coz i've been using it for a month only and not on regular basis coz i tried BB cream this past weeks (review to follow).

Simply addicting, I’d say,. I wish I’ve discovered this earlier so I would have prevented fine lines from apprearing on my eye area,..

Rate: 5/5


Soapaholic said...

Shatz, you've added another product to my must-try list. Tsk.:)

shatzlaine said...

you won't regret it sis, its really a must try..

musicalfanlovesminerals said...

how much is this? i use garner spf 15, but it's a little drying.

shatzlaine said...

P1,300 for a 15ml tube