Saturday, March 21, 2009

Estee lauder Advance Night Repair (ANR)

My quest for a good eyecream begun with Estee Lauder Advance night repair.


ALL NIGHT, ALL DAYAdvanced Night Repair Eye Recovery Complex works around the clock to keep your eyes looking their best.By Night: Recovery.
· Skin's natural renewal process is boosted to help repair the visible signs of aging.
· Daily irritation is soothed.
· A rich reserve of anti-oxidants and lipids is built to help replenish skin's natural protectants.
By Day: Prevention.
· Neutralizes up to 90% of environmentally-generated free radicals before they can damage skin's appearance.
· Studies show it is this environmental damage—not time—that can cause 80% of the visible signs of aging.
· Boosts and maintains skin's natural production of collagen to help smooth existing lines while helping prevent the appearance of new ones.
· Helps eye makeup glide on.
Night and Day: Hydration.
· Long-proven hyaluronic acid—nature's "moisture magnet"—delivers advanced levels of hydration.


It comes with its own round tip dipper very nice of it coz I think putting it in pump will not let you control the amount it will dispense hence the waste of product. Comes in a jar that’s too cute to look at…

Upon application eye area feels velvety smooth. it doesn’t feel sticky. My tired looking eye area seems hydrated and refreshed. With months of usage dark undereye was minimized, its not totally gone but it lightened significantly. It made my hollowed eye plumped. A little is needed when applying otherwise I get puffy eyes (or eyebags).

It lacks moisture for me though. My concealer and tends to cake but is a very good base for eyeshadow since it leaves velvety smooth feeling. Too early to judge on its anti-wrinkle property but I’ve seen changes but it stopped, not that its not that potent but rather due to my continuous medication for allergy (I’m on zryrtec now and steroid which drastically dries out skin, hair.. ) Good start though, Looks promising. I will continue to observe and see if im purchasing another.. that is if will not be tempted with shishiedo bioperformance or La mer eye concentrate..

Rate: 4/5

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