Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Bonne Spa milk Salt

I’ve been reading a lot about this one so I bought one myself..


Verdict: First I used it as instructed, wet your skin then rub,. But I find it too harsh its like rubbing sand on my skin, its very coarse, it hurts my skin. One time I saw I tiny scratch on my shoulder. My skin tends to get really red after using it. Then I’ve read a suggestion that you can use it while your body is soaped meaning use your favorite soap, don’t rinse just yet, scrub your body with the milk spa,. This is less harsh for me. My skin still gets red but im not at least experiencing tiny cuts or scratch. After rinsing it does leave skin silky smooth, As for the whitening I haven’t seen any effect but im glad that it keep up to its promise of a baby smooth skin.

All in all my experience is not that fulfilling, perhaps I can find a better scrub that will deliver same result but is less coarse or harsh for my skin..

Rate: 3.5/5

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