Friday, October 31, 2008

Aromaleigh haul

The foundie gives a very natural finish. The illuminator finishing powder is just so-so to me but am loving divine radiance.. gives the radiance or shiny finish I love. Metamorphosis is great too in brightening your face,. When im haggard in work I apply a thin layer of this and I look refreshed in an instant.

Cheek glisten is good as radiance. I don’t know but im not raving so much about Utra-resolution fin-pow… perhaps I’ll appreciate this if I’ll be having a major pictorial..

Like everybody’s raving the eye shadows are really worth your bucks,.. I got a sample of lollypop nourishing crème, nice enough,. Comparable to EDM glosses..

I’d sure be buying FS of their ES, blushes, divine radiance, metamorphosis. I’d prolly get a FS of URFP too for the sake of having one,. It’s a rave anyway…

FOTD: (All Aromaleigh)



Illuminator finpow

Twinkle perle powder

Clear URFP


Purple princess

Le mystere #83


Lollypop creme

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