Sunday, October 19, 2008

Dreamworld Foundation Buffet

I was about to order the mulberry line of Dreamworld when I saw the tab for this,। I thought it was like a foundie kit with a twist and was surprised that it was another foundie formula॥ (as described in the site):

Have you ever wanted to wear a foundation for a special event, where you have wanted to look young and dewy? But you didn't have anything like this available?

Well, the foundation buffet can help you with this...

Like a food buffet, which allows you to make choices in food, the foundation buffet will let you make choices in what you want to put into your foundation....

There will be multiple choices of additives, along with 2 choices in foundations.

The foundations available will be custom blend only and the only way you can order them is if you know the color in my color choices. There will be a titanium free foundation and a zinc free foundation...since those are 2 areas that ladies do have trouble with from time to time.

The pages of the additions will explain more in depth what is needed to order.

So if you like shimmer, sparkle, and undertones out of the norm in your foundations..this is the place you will find them. If you want actives added to your foundation...such as calcium, magnesium, or vit E...this is where you will find them...

And what's nice is shipping time won't be delayed, since they will be available for you to buy and add yourself when you want or need you can change out your foundation daily as you want to

Hmm,॥ oh, my wallet…।

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