Sunday, October 19, 2008

Lauress Minimalist

“Minimalist is the perfect way to describe this luxurious foundation. With only 4 ingredients (5 depending on color), this formula meets the needs of even the most sensitive skin. A synergistic blend of minerals provides a silky lightweight feel, a soft matte finish, and buildable coverage, without over-drying, or feeling chalky. Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide provide UV protection while mica reflects light to give a soft focus finish without adding glitter or sheen. Perfectly balanced for those who have experienced problems with other mineral foundations that contained too much Zinc Oxide, too much Mica, too much Titanium Dioxide, or too many other added ingredients. The Minimalist foundation is the simplest blend with extraordinarily beautiful results.”

Offers light coverage with ultra light feeling.. perfect for outdoors/everyday look.. finish is so natural like your not wearing any at all..

Here’s a simple FOTD for a natural look. I’ll be going to the mall. It’s a little hot outside so I want my make-up simple. I need oil control so I used Lauress fantastic finish as finpow..


Lauress Minimalist

Lauress Fantastic Finish

BE Warmth


Lure beauty 50’ twist lip glaze


Babydoll powdered sugar (used as liner)

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