Saturday, October 11, 2008

Hair energizing complex

When I went to ricky reyes, they had my scalp analyzed using their machine.. Well everything was perfectly fine, no dandruff, healthy scalp, shiny hair, except for one,. Im having falling hair and I agree,. I really freak out on how much hair I see on bathroom floor.. So they gave me this:

Consist of Dermosaccharide GY(?), Trichogen VEG (?) Said to aid thinning hair and prevents falling hair, Moringa has an anti pollution, strengthening and hair repair factor, Gugo provides humidity control and luster, Ginseng has regenerating properties to help hair cope up with stress..

Sounds good enough to convince me to try this prod.. Upon application I felt a minty cooling sensation on my scalp which I love.. after I finish the whole bottle I will update you guys if will help stop my hair from falling..

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