Sunday, October 5, 2008

Palmer’s soothing oil

run out of Palmers Moisturizing body oil and cant find one in department stores so I just bought the Palmer’s cocoa butter formula soothing oil..This is for pregnant women (I am not! Ok,..) Said to prevent formation of stretch mark by aiding itching (scratching is said to be one of culprit) and helps in restoring elasticity so that when tummy grow and stretch the tissues wont tear.

Uniquely formulated to soothe, moisturize and soften dry, itchy skin associated with pregnancy. Combination of Cocoa butter, vit. E, collagen and elastin soothes and softens skin naturally while improving elasticity and firmness. The addition of Lecithin delivers further softening and soothing effects.

Other ingedients: canola oil, Beta carotene

Verdict: Smells just the same as their other body oil. Works well too in moisturizing. I love the fact that I comes in spritz bottle coz I tend to pour more than I needed hence the tendency to feel sticky.. It doesn’t have sesame oil or safflower oil but does have collagen and lecithin (sounds anti-aging, huh..) .. good as their moisturizing body oil,. Cant see the difference coz im not (duh..) developing stretchmark,.

Price: Php475

Would I buy again: Yup,. Collagen sounds better to me than sesame oil… well I’d just buy whatever is in store..

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