Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sick again..

I wanted to post this short reflection early January but decided otherwise thinking that I want to confide my blog for beauty junkies only. It’s not even finished. But I realized that blog for me now is sort of a journal of my life and quests (for good make-up and beauty creams, LOL) , so I guess I need to expand the horizon and talk about my life a little.. Here’s the entry I made:

Last year I’ve been quite sickly and wasn’t happy with how my year ended.. I got a little depressed.. At night I will just lay on our roof deck and try to gaze at the stars. Thinking how things went wrong,. Would I resign from work or stay,. As I was reflecting on what my year has become, I was gazing at our lovely trees, I remember how little by little the flowers bloom,..

It was raining these past months so the flowers just rot and fell from branches. Almost none was left. The tree again started producing flowers but then these days the wind was blowing hard so they also fell.. Still the tree managed to produce more flowers that turned to tiny mango as days past,.
Sometimes these tiny fruits don’t stand a chance in battering wind and so they fell on ground too,. But there were those who stayed and managed to grow.
In weeks time they will be abundant, heading for ripening and will be eventually be harvested.

It made me think that life is in way similar with it,. Life is a survival. We strive in our life looking forward for the flowers to bloom in our life, for our life to be flowery, its not yet the reaping time but it makes you think that life is blissful and happy. But trials come and our hopes sometimes die down. We will start anew being positive that when I do things right and better this time, consequences will be rewarding. But trials will come, sometimes battering even harder than in the past. We will hold on, and try to withstand. It’s kind of depressing. Depressing because we try to focus on bad things, on the fallen flowers and fruit.

I tried to look further and saw the entirety of my life. My hopes didn’t die at all. Part of me was lost but im still whole. The entirety of my life is beautiful. I could still be a source of happiness for others. It made me realized that I needed to forgive. They were vexation in my life, but they polished me.. I withstand them, then I should be stronger now. Then I should be happy, I should remain positive…

So what made me decide to post that short reflection,. Im sick again, blah,.
The day before I was confined in the hospital, I had fever and was agonizing with stomach pain. My usually bratinella cat went to my room and laid on my stomach (note: she doesn’t sleep in my room).
Since I was in pain I slided her to my side coz her weight is pushing my stomach making it even more painful. She crept back and laid again making herself lighter (dunno how she did it) that I don’t feel pain anymore. Then we both fell asleep. I woke up and was about to go out of my room when she meowed at me and so I went back in to pat her neck. She laid beside me and when she closed her eyes I went to my parent’s room so I can watch TV. She followed me again and laid beside me. I kept hugging her every time I’m feeling pain. She would normally jump out of bed since she doesn’t want being hugged or squashed but she stayed. It made me think that our beloved pets do feel our pain. Coz sometimes if it’s my brothers or parents who Is sick our dog will also look sickly.
Anyweys, in the hospital I was given bottles and bottles of potassium in my dextrose (potassium is freakin’ painful when given through IV). I weren’t looking at myself at the mirror (duh, im too sick to be beauty conscious) so when I finally got back home I was expecting a haggard looking, deep set-ted eye and dark underyes. But when I sited myself in front of my dresser, I was amazed to see how glowing my skin was, it’s just I got thinner (lost 5 pounds) and I do look sick but my skin is in good shape, I didn’t even broke-out even if I haven’t washed my face for 4 days (yuck! Hehe.. )

So I guess the saying that banana is good for skin was right. Though it’s impossible to eat that huge amount of banana to get the equal amount of potassium I got then (and I think it’s only advisable to take litters of it if you’re like me who dropped the potassium level), it won’t hurt to couple our beauty regimen with banana in our diet. A nature’s way to good skin,. Heads up ladies,…

I surely missed blogging,. Be back soon,. It’s my birthday month anyweys,. I should keep my blog rolling..


Ida said...

glad you're home already! i've been in the hospital many times and it's really no fun :(

i like what you wrote and the pictures. and the picture of your cat in the shopping bag! :)

shatzlaine said...

*Ida - took the pics Last December to january.. and my cat she's a camwhore too, she poses whenever she sees im taking pics her..

Askmewhats said...

glad you're ok, gosh everyone's getting sick, take care ok?

shatzlaine said...

^thanks sis,.

Shen said...

i use to get get sick a lot before and usually get confined in the hospital.. maybe because i don't eat veggies. whatevs. i def know what you mean... but i'm glad you're doing well na. with a glowing skin to boot. :) much love sis!!!

shatzlaine said...

^the glow didn't last long, i look so pale now,. waahh, I'm still not fine