Monday, June 15, 2009

Joppa Grab bag and EDM Loot

Got the PO notice for these babies last May but was able to pick them up last week only..

Here’s what’s inside my Joppa Grab Bag

FS Jar Med. Light Morning Dew & Simple radiance blend
FS Refill baggie Light Morning Dew & Simple radiance blend
Earthen Rose blush
Simple radiance frost - ES
Samantha - ES
Majestic - ES
Glitzy - ES/blush
Lavander Hand Butter sample
Minty Lips Lip balm

Everyday Mineral (EDM) loot

TOP ROW: Blushes
2nd ROW: eyeshadows except for
pearl beige (concealer)
Stippling Brush

I will post swatches soon,. I'm on lazy mode still, waahh..


My-My said...

Can't wait for the swatches. These look great! but don't rush on the lazy mode, some times we need them.

shatzlaine said...

^yeah, its the prize i have to pay for ignoring my health for the sake of my work,. reporting to work even if have fever =(

i swear to never do it again,. it's simply not worth it..