Sunday, June 28, 2009

My birthday gifts…

It wasn’t a good month for me, how ironic, it’s supposed to be special coz it’s my birthday month, but some asshole people just succeeded in making my days bad... so what’s a poor me to do? Pamper myself with my favorite vice… SHOPPING!!!. I deserve these I know…

My gifts to myself..

Clinique toner, Super City Block SPF40, Take the day off Cleansing Oil..
The freebies..
A roomy bag… really big you can stuff this with folders,.
Samples: powder foundation, turnaround concentrate, 7-day scrub cream
4U2 Gemtone palette in Onyx and Glitz liquid eye-liner for smoky eye-do
Beauty Credit slanted liner and detail shadow brush
Ellana concelear brush, slanted liner, crease brush and Beloved ES (matte warm brown)
Reviews and swatches again to follow,.

Now the bags..

A Calvin Klien bag – I love that this have an adjustable strap so I can use this as shoulder bag or as a messenger/sling bag
A Ralph Lauren Sling Bag which can be used as handbag too when strap is removed..
A trendy Fendi Bag.. this is roomy as well..
A Lacoste Bag And the gift of my very loving and understanding BF.. A Guess Bag,. (forgot to remove the plastic on metal sign..)
He spoils me, but this comes with a condition, that I will fix my transfer paper,. Obviously I’m not enjoying my work anymore,. But hey, I’ve got a lot of reason to be happy,. Just look at those goodies… Im such a baggaholic,..


mszcheysser said...

Sorry to hear about the bad month - but hey! The purchases and the gift from your boyfriend looks great ;) Enjoy it, my dear!

Crystal said...

happy birthday to you dear! nice stuff! and more brushes! yey!

nikkiz. said...

belated birthday! hope you enjoy all your goodies.

My-My said...

you really do deserve to shop! Happy Birthday!

shatzlaine said...

thanks sisses,. yah hope my gloomy days will be over soon,. seems like im having early mid-life crisis..

Toothfairynotes said...

I agree.... shopping is THE BEST remedy.. to anything :P

donnarence said...

weeh,, nice bday gifts shatz,, love the freebies from clinique.. i have the same ck black bag.. it's really nice noh?? godbless

shatzlaine said...

* Toothfairynotes - just wish i've more moolah,. hehe..

*donnarence - yah the ck bag is nice, mine is bluish silver..

Khymm said...

nice gifts! belated happy birthday!