Monday, May 25, 2009

Koshize Pen Liner

I was practicing my black smoky eye-do lately and realized that I don’t wanna use a black pencil liner coz it smudges down my undereye. So when I saw this one from Sophie Paris, I immediately grabbed it since its cheap (P200++ I guess, totally forgot)

Verdict: I initially hurt my eyelids applying this, It was like using a ballpen on lids, pentelpen even feel softer. And worst its not water resistant at all... I didn’t cry, its just I’ve really watery eyes, but not enough to make my mineral eyeshadows smudge. I can even rub it off with by hand. I think I should use liquid liner next time

Anyweys, charge to experience..

(thin and thick appliction)

Rate: 1/5


donnarence said...

this looks like elf pen.. that liner hurts too.. :S is koshize available locally?thanks shatz

becky said...

Oh no that sucks. Can you still return it?

When i used a black eye liner it smuges when i dont set it with a similar color eye shadow. For example, I line my upper lash line with the eye liner then smudge it a bit then apply a similar eye shadow on top. This way, it stays in place.

mszcheysser said...

Ouch! Nice example... I can feel it on my eyes! EEEEEEEK /:

Khymm said...

try E.L.F.'s Eyeliner Pen. Its really good! Doesn't smudge and has a felt tip..

Dana Yoshimizu said...

I guess the 1/5 rating is reflected through the price you paid :( I hate it when you invest your money in something and it lets you down.

Chrissy said...

It really is very hard to buy stuff from catalogs. You can never know about the quality. Too bad the pen liner sucks. :(

You can try the ELF pen liner, P130...It's not that good but it will do...or if you want non-budging anything, you could try gel eyeliner!! I buy mine at and it hasn't hurt my eye when I apply it to my waterline.

As always this is subjective...but I hope it works for you. It's P375. :)

If you want to invest in a good pencil e/l that won't budge, I heard Urban Decay is great.

shatzlaine said...

*donnarence - yes sis, from catalogue of Sophie Paris

*becky - no return policy, hehe,. thanks for the tip.

*mscheysser - yah, even my officemate's eyelid hurts with this

*Khymm, chrissy - will check that out.. thanks..

*dana - yah charge to experience, but there are cheap brands that does the work,. this isn't one of them sadly..

Kaz said...

wah, that sucks D:
for a good pencil liner you might wanna try prestige waterproof. you can top it off w/ e/s to seal it more.

Golden said...

Hi, I'm a new follower here. I just discovered your blog through google when I was googling Koshize. I was so glad to find out that you're a Filipina too. :)

imurcoffee said...

i have the same pen liner. but i didnt get the "it hurts my eye" thing. i only got the smudging part. so it's not sticking up to what was labeled [water resistant].