Monday, June 15, 2009

The body Shop basics

La mer experience was so inspiring that I convinced myself to buy a facial buff like the ones we used there.

Its good for deep cleansing they say. So I tried this one from the body shop. I indeed felt the difference. It is squeaky clean yet refreshed. I don’t feel any soap residue (the hard and tight feeling) nor oily feel. I can use this once a week to properly exfoliate my face. What i love more is that i use lesser water with this since I just need to sweep the sponge on my face. I usually splash water many times on my face coz that way i feel I clean my face well.

Organic cotton rounds

Unused - pretty dots..

Used - they dont leave cotton fibers on face

I love that this is organic. Also it is textured yet so soft, perfect for removing (eye) make-up. It doesn’t break or loosen easily like the usual cotton pads I use. I got this for P300 for 2 rolls (100pcs each).


becky said...

how cool. ive never tried any cleansing sponge before.

shatzlaine said...

^i love the effect...felt like a facial spa..

Kay said...

i love the cotton rolls and sponge sis.. i looks so posh :)

will definitely get one later so i can try it this weekend..

following u sis.. :)