Sunday, June 7, 2009

La Mer Discovery Experience

Before I got sick I got an invitation from La mer specialist Joanne from Rustans about La mer discovery experience (sorry I deleted the message so I forgot the title of the event). I immediately said yes for I know it will be a great entry for my blogg. It was held last May 23.

And yes I was right. I went with my bestfriend Jo anne (I’ll call her Best so as not to confused with La mer expert Joanne). It was held at East Café at Rustans. When we got there, a very chic table setting welcomed us. We felt a little awkward at first coz we thought the setting and participants were a little refined for us. But as the event progress we we’re having fun already (at least Best and I). We were asked to put on the head band coz we will be trying the whole La mer line ourselves. Right in front of us are silver basins with water and facial puffs for easier cleansing. We were advised that if we aren’t comfortable removing our make-up we can at least try it in our hands. And so Best and I agreed, we said that we don’t want to show our faces bare, hehe.. But we did otherwise coz we thought it will be so much fun!
We started with the make-up remover.

Love the texture, the oil is finer than DHC but not quite as thin as Clarins (I will review this sooner), just in between but is very fine for me. Rinses easily and doesn’t leave the skin greasy.

Next is the Facial wash there’s two variant of this the liquid soap and the milk variant which is tissue-off . We we’re asked to choose what to use, we chose the milk variant

We spread it on face then rinse using facial puffs.. this was luxurious I thought, this doesn’t sting my face at all. Skin isn’t tight and dry nor does it feel sticky or greasy.

Then the scrub which can be used as facial scrub or mask (left for 8 minutes)

Wow!,I so love this! just used this for minutes and my skin feels smooth and soft already. Just wash it thoroughly since tiny flecks (diamonds?!!) will be left on skin, I saw one on my face and I smiled (told Best, hey can I sell this?!!).. I loved it so much that I ask how much was this, and Joanne said its P4500,. I said wow, it not that expensive, I’m likely to get one myself soon (after finishing other scrubs I have though..)

Then the toner…

We pat it on our face using cotton pads (not rub or sweep). Feels good too, not stingy..

The Infusions. Again there’s two variant the moisture infusion and the radiant infusion

We chose the radiant infusion (one of those I’ve been eyeing so much). We pat it on our face

Then the lifting serum.. It was put on our palm than sweep it twice then spread on our face on outward motion. I keep on smelling the products everytime I’m applying it on my face. It was soothing and not strong.

The lifting concentrate were placed at deep lines for extra support, glad that we don’t need one yet.

Then the eye balm and eye concentrate

We chose eye concentrate (again I’m lusting this, haha!).. swept it using the silver-tipped wand. The wand was cool and soothing. I just wondered if the wand will still be cold if left on room temperature (no aircon on scorching summer heat).

Now the moisturizer, I already have the cream and tested the gel so I chose the oil-absorbing formula.
We we’re taught how to properly warm it in our fingers. I used to do it on finger tips only, but we were taught to warm it our entire fingers. Just put your finger on top of each other (criss-cross way) then rub in small circular manner until the cream turns white liquid. It was sure easier this way. Then we pat in on our entire face.

It was wrapped-up using the new SPF30!.. I only saw SPF18 before (on blanc dela mer). This is the broader spectrum variant. I thought, with everything I’ve put on my face it’ll feel heavy and dewy. But the SPF was so light. It is the by far the lightest SPF I’ve tried (at least compared to Nivea, Neutrogena, BB cream, Armada). And it felt like I didn’t put any on my face. It was just soft, velvety smooth and so radiant that I can be convinced not to put make-up on anymore.
moi, after the spa-like session, no make-up at all,., tehhee..

me and Best..

Overall, my experience left me astound. La mer aint a luxury brand for nothing. It drawed me more to La mer and left me thinking that after I’ve consumed the beauty bottles I have, I’m gonna get myself some La mer stuff again.. It will definitely include the Radiant infusion, Refining facial, La mer Oil absorbing variant and the SPF too perhaps..

Even Best had a great day too and told me, if there’s any event like this again, she’d like to join me.

us, still no make-up but loving our skin,.

The foodie...

the freebies..

La mer hydrating infusion and moisturizing gel..wished i got radiant infusion instead :(


Askmewhats said...

gotta love La mer :)

Kaz said...

grabe! you went to the event just so you could post it sa blog? HAHA. well if i were you medyo magiging same rin ang reason :D

the freebie is so huge!

donnarence said...

wow you are one luck girl to experience that.. :D

My-My said...

I've been wanting to try La Mer for quite a while! But the products are pricy! I'm not turned off by the price, I'm turned off about how I struggle at saving for it. :P I know La Mer products is a worthy buy.

Gracie said...

Sis, I'm glad you've had the chance to try those product. I really love them! Reading this post was like doing my skin care regime! Yeah, the readiant infusion is really good. I've noticed that you didn't mention the lifting serum, I normally use it after the radiant infusion, followed by the eye concentrate then the facial creme.

shatzlaine said...

*Kaz - yah, its my blogg that i thought of first thing, funny nga no..

* My My - you can save for the smaller size first, i bought mine last time around P6k. Try the gel or the oil absorbing lotion type, i find this suitable for our Philippine weather.

*Sis Gracie, hmmm the concentrate is supposed to be the lifting serum, thanks for the heads up, i'll edit it..

Shen said...

wow, la mer! i'm sure it was a great experience! :) tell us what you think about hose products more. :)

euny said...

That seems like a nice mini-facial session(especially w/ all the la mer products). What's ur take on the hydrating vs radiant infusion? R they so different?