Sunday, February 22, 2009

Watsons Facial Mask

My attention was caught when they indicated that it made sorta huge sales in other countries (dunno how true the claim is) but I still bought one for myself. Both pretty cheap at P50.00 only..

Green Tea Essence anti-oxidant facial mask

Verdict: Nothing extraordinary for me, No allergic reaction. Good for normal to oily skin since it doesn’t leave a heavy cream like finish.

Rating: 3/5

Birds Nest Facial Mask


Verdict: This one I like. Heavier and more moisturizing for me. Leaves skin more resilient nad glowing as it claims. Im buying one again,.

Rating: 4/5


Gracie said...

This looks promising but have you tried The Facial by Creme de la Mer as mask? I love it to bits!

shatzlaine said...

not yet.. hope i can buy the whole line too, lol.. price is pretty steep,. maybe when im earning more i'd be able to get one myself..