Sunday, February 8, 2009

Fashion21 Haul

I bought these pretty cheap brands,..

Fashion21 mascara

Vedict: Always makes my eyes watery when I’m applying this The scent is just too strong. It sometimes leave stains on the undereye area. It does leaves lashes soft though unlike other mascara. I rarely use this coz it makes my eye red all day coz of stinging. I’ll never buy another one,..

Fashion21 white eyeliner

I usually can pull-off their liners (the Girl’s night out edition) applied on lash line,. It does stay and is on the matte finish. I bought this intending to use it on waterline. Perhaps white isn’t really for me since my waterline is naturally dark brown (I really don’t use eyeliner).. I ended-up giving this to my officemate.. Wont buy another one either

Fashion21 Stick eyeshadow/Liner in Gold

This one creases on my lids, Its just too creamy for me,. I don’t use primer coz I usually can make shadows stay out on my lids even without it. But I found a better use for this.. When on a hurry or if I want a minimalist eye-do, I usually foul my mineral pigments and draw a straight line across my lash line.. But there are times that I’m really in a hurry and that water is not accessible (I’m in my cubicle at office and im in a hurry for presentation) or I’m simply not in the mood for foiling routine. What I do is a draw line using this Stick and tap on pigments.. Tap don’t blend!.. And Voila… It does stay put through out the day

Shot taken by night after a day-long of wearing it..

A pretty cheap alternative to expensive primers and foiling agent.. I’m bound to buy a new one..

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