Sunday, February 8, 2009

Grapeseed Oil Dual Body Oil


A two-layer water based body oil with nutrient-rich grapeseed oil to soothe and moisturize dry skin.

To use, shake well and massage on entire body while damp.


Really non-sticky. Perfect for humid days or summer when I feel the need to apply SPF lotion (this usually gives me a very sticky and hot feeling, imagine body oil + spf lotion). I tend to put much though coz its simply absorbed by my skin. Leaves my skin soft and hydrated minus the oil film. The scemt is refreshing and subtle grape. I hate the cap though, I’ve always hate the push and turn thingy (like that of the medicine caps) You’re suppose to push-turn and turn/twist further to open it. I broke mine and left with the inner cap so ill simply have to turn/twist the cap. Price as usual of high P850++ , if I remember it right, one thing im sure of amongst body oil I’ve used this is by far the most expensive. If price is not an issue for you this is worth a shot..

Rating: 4/5 (coz of the price, otherwise its 5/5)

Will buy again? Every summer I guess, coz I sweat profusely (than others) this will be a great aid for me to feel refreshed.

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