Sunday, February 8, 2009

Lettuce Cucumber Water Drop Essence & Mushroom Double Care Cream

Got these freebies from The Skinfood

Lettuce Cucumber Water Drop Essence


Use: After toner, apply essence gently and cover face with hands, for deep absorption.


Very light on skin. Once absorbed you’ll feel nothing, as if I didn’t put anything on my face . Ideal for normal-oily skin,. Not for me though since I need heavier moisture,. Well I guess I can pull this off on summer days where I’d be staying outdoors mostly. This is a good base though for heavy sunblock and make-up..

Rate: 3/5

Mushroom Double Care Cream


Enriched with mushroom extracts, anti-aging retinol, and arbutin to lighten skin tone, this dual-function cream improves the appearance of wrinkles while brightening skin tone.

Use: After lotion, apply cream and rub gently with palms in upward motion to absorb.


The cream’s texture is heavier than the lettuce-cucumber water drop essence.. ideal for normal to dry skin,. The product is easily absorbed by the skin and leaves a velvety smooth feeling. I like this better than the lettuce-cucumber water drop essence. The product looks promising since it claims to be an all-in product you’ll need,. Moisturizer, anti-aging and whitening cream. The price though is steep for me, if I remember it right price tag is almost P3K.. Well, cheaper compared to high-end prods I’ve tried but then I think I won’t shed off that amount on a brand that hasn’t proven itself yet in the market,.

Rate: 4/5

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