Sunday, February 22, 2009

Dove Beauty Body Moisturizer

The moisture freak me,. I’ve many body lotions that needs to finish to the last drop (i’ll try to post them sooner)..

Here's one from Dove..


I find this good. Moisturizes skin but sinks better to skin compared to body butter. I use this as hand lotion whenever I abuse my skin with water and soap like washing my brushes. Scent is very mild, close to the dove soap.

Rate: 5/5


Gracie said...

Hello Shatz! Nice to know that you like this body lotion as I've tried this before and I ended up with itchy rashes. My skin is extremely sensitive to scented body lotion grrrr! I bought 2 large sizes of these before but had to get rid of them soon as my rashes started bothering me. As what you've said, it's got lovely scent though :)

shatzlaine said...

oh sad to hear,. used to be like that. good thing i grew out of it,.