Monday, May 25, 2009

Artdeco Eyeshadow Base

I find it hard sometimes to make shadows appear vibrant, it even change color on lids and worst the color is washed out. I wanted to make my shadows appear on my lids and stay put throughout the day without the need to re-touch so I bought this ultra cheap shadow primer (Php495). I initially wanted a MAC but again I thought I’ve splurge enough on other things (I will reveal them soon) so might as well try if this and perhaps do some spend vs. save thingy.


The color is a pearl beige, it looks shimmery on the pot but on lids I’ll say its matte but brightens the eye area.

Gently rub your finger on the primer coz it tends to clump and stick a huge amount on finger tips.

I find it hard at first to blend my shadow so I ended up patting the pigments. Then eventually I learned that I have to blend the primer really well on lids. Yay, that means for me tagging my skin more. Anyweys, it lives up to its promises. Color appeared as I want them to be – vibrant, same color as it was in the jar. Stays put the whole day. Eyeshadow smudges sometimes at the end of the day but I can do away with it. Texture wasn’t as smooth as MAC’s preptime (?) but it did the job anyweys..
And that Aromaleigh Mallow that's so freakin' hard to capture the color on cam indoors? It showed well for me in this pic...
(that's my mags at the back, im a magazine junkie too,. )


~tHiAmErE~ said...


ill try it if my UDPP runs out
thanks for the review!

becky said...

how cool. I didnt know this brand made a base. It sounds promising.

I really dont like mac's prep and prime eyes. In my experience, It didnt do anything for me :/ Using a concealer as a base worked better than mac.

My-My said...

Good review. I like the artdeco base. I know its under the "ok" category when its compared to high-end products. but it does do its job.

Chrissy said...

Is that how much you put on your eyelids? No wonder it's hard to blend! Hehe. You only need a swipe or two. :) I love this product! I will never replace it with UDPP or MAC (I heard this is worthless) or TFSI. I don't tug on my eyelids when I'm applying this...

shatzlaine said...

*chrissy - nope i just use little, got the technique already,.

*becky - woe, mac prep aint good,. good thing i didn't bought it..

*thiamere, my-my - yup, its worth a try,,

xxNikkiDooxx said...

where did you buy it?

shatzlaine said...

department stores have it (artdeco),. bought mine in watsons MOA,.