Saturday, May 2, 2009

Aromaleigh Spring Soltice 2009

Another package that arrived was the prize from Aromaleigh contest,. Im one of the VERY lucky winners.. When i arrived at the post office the officer said that (again) I'm lucky coz the custom officer just went out, had he seen the declared value of the package I'd be taxed.. The goodies alone costs a whooping $160.00.. wow, isn't it,. I wouldnt buy myself that in one go,.

So here they are...

If you'll notice it's only 21, its supposed to be 22 jars. It's bcoz Alyssum was not inluded instead a got 2 candytuft jars. But its ok,. should I complain, its just free anyweys,. more over my officemate likes the candytuft so i gave it to her.. at least i still have my own candytuft, hehe..

the goodies in natural light

with flash

They do look yummy indeed..

Color description:

1. Mallow: Spring's first blush. The softest pale coral with shimmers of gold.
2. Heartleaf: The freshness of budding leaves with sparkles of violet.
3. Forget-me-not: The lush turquoise of petals, sparkling with magical turquoise sparkles.
4. Tansy: The deep golden color of closed flowerbuds, sparkling with blue highlight.
5. Jessamine: A walk through the Spring forest. Deep green and brown base with golden highlight shimmer.
6. Nasturtium: Dramatic neutral red, sparkling with highlights of pink sparks.
7. Phlox: A delicate, shimmering wash of pale silver grey with iridescent blue sparks.
8. Bellflower: A diaphanous violet purple tone, slightly sheer, with highlights of pink sparks.
9. Calendula: Warm mahogany brown with coppery sparkle shimmer.
10. Greenbrier: Lovely cool green with surprising sparks of blue, the color of the sky.
11. Alyssum: Soft frosty champagne pink with shimmer of green and blue.
12. Chicory: Rich copper with rose undertone, bright copper sparkle.
13. Hemlock: A complex, very wearable soft shimmering brown with undertones of green.
14. Lupine: Shimmering mid-tone smokey blue violet.
15. Candytuft: Petal pink with an abundance of violet sparkles highligting.
16. Trillium: Vibrant, but wearable fresh Spring green full of shimmering green sparkles.
17. Ondberry: A rich, softly shimmering eggplant purple with slight sparkles of gold.
18. Larkspur: Softly frosted lavender with a magical purple iridescence.
19. May Lily : My new favorite- the palest creamy greenish shimmer with sparkles of pink and violet.
20. Viburnum: Remember the coveted Le Mystere #69? The only Mystere that actually had a recipe? Well, this is it. The perfect marriage of cocoa brown and pewter. Softly frosted. Fantastic.
21. Godetia: Rosy brown shimmer with tiny sparkles of gold throughout.
22. Zinnia: So unique, this vibrant but soft coral peach turns into a blend of pinkish coral with a dominant violet iridescence.

I've already done the swatching for all these but im still to edit them so i'll post it next time,. Besides, I dont like lengthy posts so this will be for now...


Chrissy said...

Oh my god you lucky lucky girl! I wish I would be that lucky with...well any contest!!

shatzlaine said...

believe me I never won any contest or draw,. just with these two, that's why im so happy,..

donnarence said...

WOW!! you're one lucky girl.. can't wait for the swatches.. :D

Ida said...

congrats on your 2 winnings! and thanks for posting the pic of the AL goodies. i mean, WOW! so many colors to experiment with :)

Miss Girl Interrupted said...

Wow! Such eye candies! Congrats on your loot!

shatzlaine said...

thanks sisses...

Gracie said...

They look gorgeous and congratulations! I look forward to seeing your FOTDs using them sis :)

Tish said...

Woah! That's a lot of eyeshadows! I thought you bought them in one go. haha. Congratulations! You're one lucky girl.