Saturday, January 24, 2009

Nuetrogena Heleoplex

One thing im guilty of is not using sunblock,. I just rely on the SPF of my moisturizers, if it doesn’t have one, then I’ve no protection from UVA/UVB at all. I saw Nuetrogena Heleoplex and it attracted me to its high SPF50. I’ve been a lover of Nuetrogena products before so I tried this one.


Verdict: I don’t like the smell, too strong for a cream to put on face. Its claim of non-sticky doesn’t live up to it. The texture for me is sticky, though it is absorbed by the skin, it leaves a heavy feeling for me. Not a good base for my make-up. Its harder to apply MMU, seems like its being absorbed by the skin hence the tendency to uneven application. It stings a little upon application. I had an allergic reaction, I developed rashes ( I suspected at first that its because of the cold weather, but eventually its not) ॥ I just apply it on neck, nape and arms so as not to put my bucks into waste।

Rate: 1/5

Will I buy again: No

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