Saturday, January 24, 2009

Lumiere Flawless

Again bcoz of the cold weather, I tapped my Lumiere Flawless foundie and finpow. They’ve been sleeping in my make-up case for months now।

Flawless formula is for those who have normal to dry skin.. Coverage says “medium to heavy, most opaque base, *colors may be lighter than other bases we offer due to higher levels of titanium and zinc “

The finish says in the site to be matte, its creamy for me.. Its got squalane which helps in keeping skin from drying. It really helps to keep my skin from flaking and tightening on cold days or when I’m in cold places. Staying power is good too. It has tendency to cake though so I refrain from retouching or if I need to, I’ll spritz my face with water (or evian) till its dripping wet to melt the (previously applied) foundie to my face.

This one is a keeper for me

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