Saturday, January 24, 2009

Head and Shoulder

Remember I posted about Ricky Reyes’s Hair Energizing Complex which claims to aid falling hair dilemma? Guess what it did helped, I see less hair strands in bathroom floor, but the problem is, it made my scald dry and really itchy. So I needed to stop (I was just half way of the bottle). Im a little sad coz I really think that the product is promising and yet its not for me,. So another problem to deal with is get rid of the dandruff. I resorted to head and shoulders. A week after using it my scalp is back to normal. No more dandruff. But im seeing more hair strands in the floor again. So the quest is still on..


Tish said...

Try using L'Oreal Elseve Anti-Breakage hair care line, the one in the yellow bottle. This reduced my hairfall to about 95-98%. It also left my hair softer and silkier. You can also use Pregroe hair care line (my mom loves this).

shatzlaine said...

yah I've tried it but didbt used it religeously,.. I love the elseve line too, I never went back to pantene,.. Im using the straightening line, soon perhaps i'll try this again,..