Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ellana Mineral Make-Up

During the last World trade Bazaar , I got myself some Ellana Loot… Though Im not into their foundie since I find the colors more on yellow/warm/golden undertone, it also tends to get dark on my skin,..

Here’s my Loot…

Sheer Velvet High Definition Mineral Finishing Powder (HDFP)

ING: Silica, Silicone microspere

Comes in a huge jar, See how bigger the jar is compared to my Full size bare Essential Jar?.. It’s also taller.. Its filled to the brim so you’re getting a lot of the product here.. And for Php380, this is pretty cheap, plus you don’t have to pay for shipping in dollars and no long time of waiting since this is proudly Filipino, It’s available locally,॥

How can you not love this product,. Upon application it left my skin a smooth and velvety smooth (due to silicone),.. It did make my skin look poreless,. Didn’t itch my skin either,. No allergic reactions,. Some girls are allergic to silicone, good thing I’m not!..I just hope they will come up with Dewy Look, glass like (Like Elegant Mineral’s HDFP) formula, coz for gals like me who’s skin tends to get dry, the finish will look totally matte

Rating: 4/5

Concealer in Awake


Our Mineral Concealers are lightweight, long lasting powder concealers that is used to achieve a smooth and impeccably flawless look, to cover up imperfections, especially dark spots,fine lines, wrinkles, redness and acne while gently soothing moisturizing and healing them with added Allantoin, Zinc Oxide and Vitamin E। Our specially formulated concealers has a unique creamy blendable finish.


True to claim! I’ve already consumed my Ocean Mist Saffron so I bought this baby,.. I was hesitant at first so I just bought the sample jar,. Geesh, there’s life after OM Safron,. While OM leaves a white cast undereye in photos, tends to dry my eye area and gives a noticeable lighter shade on undereye, Awake concealer just did the job better,। Blends on my skin tone,hides dark undereye circle and didn’t emphasize the lines! Makes undereye smooth to touch, its not drying at all!




Our Lip Scrub contains loads of natural moisturizers and oils to exfoliate hard and flaky lips. Keeps your lips baby soft pink and smooth. Simply rub it on to your lips gently and wipe with a tissue. contains NO petroleum. (available in Vanilla Bean & Strawberry Kiss)

Good for removing lipstick stain or aiding flaky lips,. Tastes sweet and leaves a baby pink tone on lips,. I haven’t been using mine a lot, Im not so into it but will still keep one staple in my kikay kit since my lips sometimes act up and tends to dry, rubbing it with tissue alone leaves tissue fiber on lips that’s hard to remove,. I prefer to wash it off with water than simply removing it with tissue coz I hate how tissue paper leaves white residue on lips.

Verdict: 4/5

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