Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lancome Product Launching

Been so busy this past week (I cannot tell you yet the reason, but hopefully things will turn good).. I was freakin drained that I almost didn't made it to Lancome Genefique launching.. But glad that I did, coz it was one blast way to end a stressful week,. tehee..

When I arrived, Shen (of Shen's addiction) wasn't there yet, and I knew no one,. I saw Nikki (of Ashmewhats) but was really shy to approach her. And so the typical first-timer-silence-itch bit me.. The event started with a game,. ala Amazing race to Genefique,. Glad that i was grouped with Shen, Nikki and Hershey coz they were so competitive and I was really drowsy,. They were like running in the whole Greenbelt5 and I was brisk walking only (sorry girls.. I cannot run yet..)

Nweys, we ended up second place. The first placer gets a white hobo bag and a full size of Lancome Genifique (envy mode). We got the same hobo bag and got a full size perfume.

The loots we got to take home,.

Tender Form not included anymore, gave it BF already..

Chic detail of the bag,.

An addition to my collection..

Weren't able to take pics but this one only,. lovely Shen..
Remembrance of the event..

My night with the girls ended up with a dinner. Phoebe (Swipe some gloss) came in to join us too..


Askmewhats said...

it was great to meet you Shatz, I am really sorry I totally forgot about you being sick kaya nahilo hilo ka! :) ehhehe see you again soon!!!!

shatzlaine said...

its ok,. i had so much fun naman,.nice to meet you gals too..

Crystal said...

looks like you had a blast!

Dana Yoshimizu said...

I love the detail on the purse~! <3

Dana Yoshimizu said...

don't worry, spill your heart out all you want :) I'm a great listener. But hopefully good change will come to you. I wish you the best of luck with what's next in your live

Shen said...

it was great to finally meet you as well. :) thanks for posting the pic.. hehehe! i'm so fat. i'll be uploading mine soon so watch out for your pic there. :)

shatzlaine said...

*crystal -yup, i did..

*Dana - thanks girl.. imagine i was in this lovely event but my mind was flying and I was mad to this person,.

*nice meeting you too sis shen,. i dont think you're fat, its just im way thin,.

Toothfairynotes said...

well I think you did great being 2nd!